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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 12

OK. How did I get here? With two weeks to go and a three game winning streak, I find myself four games over .500 and riding the RomOwens combination to the conclusion.  Even the


sandwiches with that cranberry sauce can’t make my week. I am in a dogfight.

Woof Woof!

I may be barking up the wrong tree, but with only a month to go to X-Mas, I find myself wondering what kind of crazy ride did I get on?

  I am in a 12 team league and out of the four teams in my league; two are at identical 8-4 records with the third place team coming in at 7-5.

  Ride that hot team down to the wire.

The “Hot” Ones

The hot offenses and even crazy defensive performances like

Minnesota(35 points from a Defense!) ruled the week.

  They are, in alphabetical order, The Colts, The Cowboys, The Packers, and The Patriots.

  When you are playing against Fantasy teams with players form these teams, watch out!

  Now there are many other teams out there that are playing well and the thought that someone may come up and bite you in the end (literally and figuratively) really gets to you.

  So, play the hot hands and you will be best served down the stretch.

  And sometimes it may be the weather that gets you.

The Weather

This time of the year, the weather plays more of a role than ever.

  Four weeks back, I lost by only one point because Willie Parker managed 6 fantasy points on a rainy Monday Night.

  If he had not made that one catch for 20 yards, I would have actually won that night.

  What does this mean?

  Teams in domes dominate fantasy points.

  Look for you kicker to contribute more if they are in a dome.

  Outside it becomes flakey.

  Throwing and kicking become hazardous.

  Also, bear in mind that teams score more defensive touchdowns due to inclement weather.

  When this happens, teams may win (like the Cowboys on Turkey Day), but not put up as much offensive numbers (like the Cowboys on Turkey Day).

  My only hope down the stretch for me is to find a RB that stays healthy.

  I have been through three already and I am on my 4th and 5th.

 Master D.

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