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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving!

  The Fantasy Virgin Chronicles want to thank everyone who follows this article weekly.

  May the holiday bring the best to you and yours.

  I would like to send my thanks to the Troops who are in harms way around the world.

  Please thank them for me on Thursday before the

Turkey is consumed.

  And where is my week going?

  Well I had to lose at this Survivor eventually right?

Survive This!

Survivor was almost too easy the first 11 weeks.

  I rode mostly the Detroit Lions and their record right to the end.

  I considered the Lion game a “trap” game this week so I went with the other team that has been having trouble lately.

  That would the Oakland Raiders.

  And as they say…”On any given Sunday!” … I saw the Broncos struggle offensively and defensively and voila!

  I leave Survivor on Week 12.

  There were only 16 of us left at the time I bowed out.

  You would think it would be easy to pick the team that would win.

  But it isn’t and that makes it the strangest and intriguing games to play on this website.

  Speaking of games, let’s check in and see how the Virginator made out this week.

Monday Night Offense

Can anyone stop Drew Brees?

  Can anyone stop Aaron Rodgers?

  Through the first 30 minutes of the game on Monday it did not look possible.

  In the end, it was a cakewalk as the Crescent City Cabal known as the New Orleans Saints put up 51 points.

  You need a big game from some key people down the stretch and Falcons’ RB Michael Turner’s 35 points really helped this week.

  So now the Virgin is 9-3 with two weeks to go.

  I have the best record in the league and have won 5 consecutive weeks.

  There is no looking back for it is full steam ahead.

  I still have a weird feeling that I will only win when I have the guts to bench leading NFL rusher RB Adrian Peterson.

   Who in their right mind would ever do that?

Dear Diary

Thanksgiving is truly a unique American holiday.

  President Lincoln formalized the holiday and within a 100 years, the Friday after has become a unique American event as well.

  Why would people line up outside a store starting the midnight before in order to get a deal on that “must have” item for the holiday?

I love Thanksgiving because of the new memories colliding with the old memories.

  The past and the present meet in a unique way.

  We memorialize the past and cherish the present which shortly becomes the past.

  Time is flying by in at least relative terms Mr. Einstein.

  Thank you for that prescient call last century.


Much like a school for the family, the graduates of the children’s table become the parents and grandparents within such narrow thoughts that holding time to a standstill on Thursday makes the event already part of the fabric of history.

So Happy Thanksgiving to my parents Betty and Bert.

  They have been doing this since 1960 and many people have come through to their home and they have been gracious hosts.

  And may there be many more.


And Happy Thanksgiving to you


 Master D.

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