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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 12

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Does anyone else celebrate by getting a frozen turkey for under a $1/lb.? Then
you have a

redux of sorts, I guess. But who cares?

can last another week so get out the cranberries, gravy and stuffing along with
some bread. So the 12th week in the NFL means only two more weeks to go. It is
put up or shut up time. Shut up?

Shut This!

The 12th week is the week
where the obvious teams are out in front like the Saints and the Colts. The 12th
week also spotlights teams that are coming on strong like the Titans. The 12th
week has the teams struggling like the Browns, Buccaneers and Rams. The 12th
week has all the rest in between. Now this is when the season becomes
interesting. The middle sees teams that can make it or not make it. If you can
get a great player playing for a team in the middle that is hot at the right
time, the next two weeks may win you your league and propel you to a fantasy football
championship. So look for players on those up-and-coming teams and hope for a
break and a little bit of luck. Speaking of luck, let’s check in and see how
the Virginator made out this week.

Monday Night Offense

Can anyone stop Drew
Brees? Can anyone stop Tom Brady? The Saints surely looked like they could with
their patchwork defense. It is on this Monday evening that I have Tom Brady and
Marques Colston going against Stephen Gostkowski +16 points. Who in their right
mind would ever mind that? You would mind it if Colston did not get the ball. You
would mind if Brady had a subpar game. And in the end it was Colston and Brady
by a hair. The virgin is 8-4 with two weeks to go.

Dear Diary

I do not consider myself
a reality TV show person at all. In fact I am not dancing with stars, surviving
on a remote island or singing in idyllic fashion. However, I do like it when shows
reveal something human. The contrast is elegant but simple. One such show
started this week called Meet The Natives.

The back story is there
are some natives from the island of Tanna in the South Pacific island chain of
Vanuatu that have been given a message to bring to the supreme leader of The
United States. These natives have a relationship with

for it was according to their legend a fellow by the name of “Tom Navy” that
halted the fighting amongst the tribes and brokered a peaceful solution that
still works today. The Americans and Tom Navy are upheld in their society and
the natives have heard that

is fighting again so they would like to pay a visit and spread a message of

The five native men go to

to visit five “tribes.” The tribes are families in


New York City,
Middle America (

Illinois), a
southern military base like Ft. Bragg/Ft.




California. What I
have learned through my past is that only through the eyes of complete
strangers and their reactions can you identify yourselves.

This occurred in the 1830s
by one Alexis de Tocqueville. His book “De la democratie en Amerique”
(Democracy in

is a tome that presages the greatness of

Long before

emergence as a world superpower, Tocqueville pieces together the recipe of a
republic and its corresponding representative democracy and the powerful nature
of the freedom of


I am interested in what
the five men of Tanna find here. The setup is scripted but their words are
sincere because they do not speak English but have a tribal translator.

Master D.

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