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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin: Week 12

I survived TurkeyPalooza this year. It was an outrageous scene of family interchanges and everyone was cordial. That is the best you can hope for these days I suppose. My turkey coma only lasted a few hours for I celebrated the long weekend running like a maniac to break even. I only ran six miles a day for four days. That was good enough to beat back that pumpkin pie and end the weekend with zero pounds gained and zero pounds lost. Why am I talking food instead of fantasy football? Oh yeah, the week that was.

The Greatest Team On Paper

This was the week that I had waited for because it was the return of Vincent Jackson week. I had visions of three straight wins dancing in my head and plowing through the playoffs. However there is a problem. My team is the greatest team … on paper. You see I have Chris Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Miles Austin and now Vincent Jackson. These four could easily get you 30 points apiece on any given Sunday. Except it is not any given Sunday in 2010 and things are not as they seem. I am back to my losing ways and I am riding off into the sweet night on my horse desperately seeking some offensive push. Now I have to win out to reach .500.  Oh, how I miss the golden days of Week 5.

The State Of The NFL

The NFL has reached a strange zenith. It is Week 12 and there are 10 teams out of 16 in the AFC still with a realistic chance at making the playoffs. There are 12 such teams in the NFC. The division leader in the NFC West has a record that is under .500. What that means is the NFC Wild Card team will have a record above .500 and there is still a chance they will have to travel to a division winner’s team whose record is under .500. It is hard to imagine, but it is true. How did it come to this? Well hold on to your seats because the next stage of the NFL season is going to be a bumpy ride. This week’s diary entry is a note about the Wizarding World.

Dear Diary

Oh, that Harry Potter. He finds himself in more twists and turns than a pretzel. He finds the most complicated ways of getting in and out and back in to trouble. When faced with true peril he somehow manages to persevere. And so have I, from the first film in 2001 to the first installment of the seventh film.  

These are dark times and the battle for all the wizarding world ends at Hogwarts. But don’t tell my dad that because he had to get up and go the restroom with about 30 minutes to go in the film. Awkward!

They are calling it 7A and 7B and that would be the last film in the series of Potter Paloozas (Palooza twice in the same article? I am on a roll!).  In this society incapable of holding on to anything without more and more money, the folks at Warner Brothers somehow managed to keep the whole cast together for 10 years and eight films.

That is a remarkable achievement unto itself. And seeing Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint all grow up from children to adults in film is strange indeed. To dedicate 10 years to anything means that year 11 holds? I am sure they will all find their way, but it sure has been a ride.  

I don’t know what you were doing 10 years ago, but I had hair and was unmarried. Much has happened in those 10 years and it makes me worry about the next 10. They will fly just as quickly no doubt.

Master D.

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