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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 13

What is that noise? Did you hear that? That is the sound of the happy ownership group of the Fantasy Football team Cromwell Demolition winning the Central Division of the 11-year Husky Blue Fantasy Football League. For the first time in three years, the Virginator is back in the end-of-year tournament. I secured a spot with one week to go in the regular season. Will I rest my starters next week? Let us play that angle this week, shall we?

Why Did Your Team Win Or Lose?

In most years, the team that wins the fantasy football regular season division has an easy formula to follow.
They simply (for the most part) have the players from the winningest teams in the league on their roster. If you could pick all the teams with three losses or less by Week 13 on draft day and only draft those players, you are in for the most part. That is if you avoid the injury bug.

This year it is only 75 percent true for me. Don’t you think there may be a connection? My regular starting six play for the following teams – Atlanta (11-1), Houston (11-1), Denver (9-3) and New England (9-3), My two other players are Dez Bryant and Drew Brees, and when they are hot they are hot! But winning a fantasy football championship is not just that my friends.

Why It Is So Hard To Win A Fantasy Football Championship

The reason it is so hard to win a fantasy football championship is because the players that get you to the final dance inevitably could be rested as early as Week 15 or 16 depending upon the team’s lead in the division. But this year it remains to be seen as Week 15 matchups include such teams as the upstart Indianapolis Colts at the Houston Texans, the surging Denver Broncos at the Baltimore Ravens, and the San Francisco 49ers at the New England Patriots. Because of the close records and the outcome of Houston at New England in Week 14, Week 15 is looking up this year! But let us come back to earth and talk about the week that was, shall we?

Someone Stole Drew Brees And Replaced Him With …

I could never believe that Drew Brees is capable of five interceptions in one game. Was I dreaming? Robert Griffin III comes into Monday Night Football with four interceptions all year to put it in perspective. And when you lose two points per interception coupled with zero touchdown passes, I should have easily lost. But this week I lucked out as Dez Bryant and Wes Welker came through and delivered me the win I needed to secure a playoff spot.

So my team is now 10-3 with one week to go in the fantasy football regular season. Weather has not been a factor this year up until this point. Cross my fingers that weather does not rear its ugly head in Weeks 15 or 16. Should I play my bench next week? Maybe or maybe not … what’s it to ya already?

My diary entry dabbles into the state of Christmas, 2012.

Dear Diary

There are two extra Christmas shopping days as compared to 2011. All it takes is a leap year and a Nov. 30 that is on a Friday, and you have the recipe for a whole extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But in reality it is only two more days compared to last year.

That is still two more days to delay the purchase of your gifts, right?

This year I am trying to get in the Christmas spirit every day. Just do something a little bit I say. Whether it is putting the finishing decorations on the domicile or even playing some Christmas carols. Singing is not all that bad, and as long as you are singing alone for the most part, no one cares. So sing!

Or…Oh What fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh and get out of the house already.

In two weeks on to the fantasy football playoffs 2012! Bring it on!

Master D.

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