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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 13

Week 13, and can it possibly be? No, not a victory, of course, but a humble end to a frustrating year of fantasy football. My league has a 13-week regular season schedule with three weeks of playoffs, similar to the NFL. We thought it would be fun to try that this year. With only 10 teams in the league it worked out quite nicely. The top-six play for the whole enchilada and the bottom four play for the Bucket Bowl. I am looking bucket straight in the eye. But first we have to talk about Thanksgiving football!

Take Out The Head … And The Body Will Fall

On Thanksgiving, we learned about how important it is to stay healthy. Those fantasy footballers who had
Aaron Rodgers

know this all too well. The Thursday effort by the Green Bay Packers made for a showcase in putting all your eggs in one basket. By having really no credible backup, the body of the Packers has fallen dramatically. How did the Packers ever score? Oh yeah, they got that defensive touchdown.

The second game was all about
Tony Romo

and him willing his team to victory. The Dallas Cowboys won two games in a row for the first time this year and are now two games better than .500 (7-5). They have been waiting for this all year and now it has arrived.

The third game was a nail-biter, sort of. When coach Mike Tomlin found himself in the wrong place at the right time, it almost led to a victory. How weird would that have been?

All in all, Thanksgiving games seem to be more entertaining than those on Sunday. I think that maybe it is because I am going to get Sunday football as well. Like not counting calories on Thanksgiving and having your pumpkin pie and apple pie at the same time! As for my week, it was all about that Denver Broncos quarterback.

Peyton Manning Again?

In my last week of football, my opponent has
Peyton Manning

. And it is like the fantasy football gods are getting back at me for not drafting
Peyton Manning

on draft night. The same gods do not understand that
Peyton Manning

went third in our draft this year and I had the fifth overall pick. So I never did get him.
Aaron Rodgers

went fourth but that ended up being a futile choice. The last five weeks have proven that to be true. In the end, in our strong quarterback league, Manning went for 46 points. Manning is an outlier and outliers make for victories. This puts me at 3-10. How did I ever get three? I am limping into the Bucket Bowl but I continue to try to improve. My diary entry is all Christmas all the time.

Dear Diary

With Christmas being later, we have been given the warning. It goes something like this. Did you know that Christmas is three weeks from Wednesday? Ahhhhhhhhh! Get me one of those Amazon drone delivery systems, stat! Drop it in the backyard. I do not care that you are taking up valuable flying airspace.

And just like that there could be a future where the UPS/FEDEX delivery truck is too slow. It only took one day. This drone idea got it to me in like 1-2 hours! Think of all the possibilities for Amazon to take a picture of your home and “recommend” stuff from their home and garden section.

It is not spying. You asked for the drone to begin with.

Master D.

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