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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 13

In the thirteenth week, all heck breaks loose and I am desperately seeking victory.  With victory comes one last chance at getting to .500.  I was at .500 back when we were talking about the fall and leaves and Halloween.  Now it is Holiday – Time and all has come to this week.  But before the week to come, there of course was the week that was.  Let’s start off with straight up victories and spreading cheer.

Spreading Cheer

Two weeks ago, the virgin depended too much upon slick combinations.  So, in the holiday spirit, I started a varied and diverse group of 7 teams out of 8 possible players.  In a Howard Cosell voice please.  The ploy paid off in plentitude because it was right there as the cadre of disparate denizens of the NFL pulled together a most calamitous and ceremonious victory on Sunday. I loved Howard and his halftime shows of Monday Night.   And with that, the Demolition are 1 victory away from the beginning of the season.  That would be .500, my friends and it will take a miracle to get into the first tier of playoffs, but I will carry on.

Fighting To The Bitter End

The bitter end is coming to the Fantasy Football Season.  Every year I learn a little bit more than the last year.  It seems as though the secret to a winning season lies in the second RB.  I spent 10 games without a #2 RB and many of those were lost by less than 20 points.  However miserable that may be, the secret is to keep fighting to the bitter end.  Eventually I found a 2nd RB in Sam Gado and it may be too late this year, but at least I did not take the collar.  After starting the year 0-3, I am going to do at least one better or even three better at the end of the year and that is nothing to scoff at.

The Last Week

In the last week, your mind will play games with you and rumors and innuendo will be abound.  In fact, the last thing you want is a little note next to your player indicating they are “hot” because if they are hot now, they are due for a cool to mid-land result.  It is in this that even-steven wins the race.  Too hot followed by too cold may get you the middle result but two victories are better than one win and one loss.  That’s what hot / cold gets you.  It is the only time that lukewarm to semi-warm tips the scale in your favor.  Bear that in mind for next season.  So next week its either 7-7 or 6-8.  Cross your fingers Mr. Gado, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

 Master D.

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