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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 13

The thirteenth week has come and gone.  A four week winning streak has preceded this point.  One more win and a guaranteed season > .500.  It will be the first greater than .500 season in the regular season since the miracle of the 2002/2003 season where I finished an amazing 10 – 3 – 1 on the back of an upstart Ricky Williams.  Since then it has been middle of the pack until now.  Let us see what is next.

Excuse Me Sir, I Was Saying Offense

Offense!  Where the heck is the offense this week?  I look at games like Minnesota and ‘da Bears.  The final score of 23 – 13 but most of the points were via the return touchdown.  There are no fantasy points in the punt return my friend.  It certainly would be interesting to add a punt returner as a wildcard entry.  This would spice up the improbability.  Speaking of improbability, what happened to that Breese-eee offense in the land of the Saints? 

The Brees Is Dying Down Captain!

From the mainsail comes word that there be no wind in the sails matey.  Yes Pirates Of The Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest debuts on DVD this week and all should be a hankerin’ for it.  But the booty (pun intended USC fans) is not to be found for thar be no brees to be had.  The result was no score and a offensive effort that was…well offensive.

Offensive Efforts

Offensive is when your TE gets 0 points and your opponent has Tony Gonzalez who goes for 31.  Offensive is when your WRs got 53 points last week and this week has 4.  With one week to go, I need a victory to secure an 8-6 season or its back to 7-7 and middle of the pack.  I just hope the breeze picks up and points can be had.

Master D.

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