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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 13

It is the thirteenth week. The only time I get to use triskaidekaphobia in a sentence. Who needs to fear the number 13 when you have those Ro-Mowens boys? Such nice boys they are. And getting their work over and done with early in the week as well is a bonus for the lineup. So what to do and were to go this week? I would say that we are coming down the stretch.

And Down The Stretch They Come

Down the stretch is right on target. In most leagues there are 14 games followed by a 2 game playoff. The problem is that the two best teams are in my division. So we need to go as a wildcard and hope for a battle in the finals. But it is tricky this time of year. As the saying goes, you are only as good as the ponies you ride. And that means you can’t win if they don’t play.

They Need A Reason To Play

One year later and the final installment of Pirates of the

Caribbean comes out on DVD. Unlike the venerable Captain Jack Sparrow, some teams win their division and then “slow” things down to get healthy. This happens weeks 15 and 16 which is just in time for the Fantasy Football playoffs my friends. Fortunately, each successful team has a reason to play their entire cadre of starters. 

Green Bay is trying to catch the Cowboys so that keeps each team honest. Everyone knows the Pats are trying for an undefeated season so they will keep their team intact until the bitter end. That leaves teams like the Colts playing to try to avoid becoming the 3rd seeded team or worse. So this year, everyone has a reason to play and the games should come down to the play on the field, not the resting up for the playoffs. So the next phase is the final game.

Final Game Jitters

Barring an outrageous performance by Mr. B. Watson, my team the Cromwell Demolition will go into the final game of the season with a record of 9-4 with an outside chance at the best record in the league. It is only an outside chance because I lose the tiebreaker if there is one. So bring us some Figgy Pudding and some Sugarplums. I want to know what those taste like before I can get a vision of them dancing in my melon.

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