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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 13

It is Week 13 of the Professional League of the National Football. The turkey was consumed. The pumpkin pie went down a little awkward this year but it went down nonetheless. I say forget about the fear of 13 known as triskaidekaphobia. This week was feast or famine with strange games, strange weather and a tale of two days. It is stretch time in fantasy football. A time for everyone to measure your stride length and take a serious look at where you are for it is go time.

Go Time

Our fantasy football league equation is straightforward. There are 14 regular season games and two playoff weeks. The strange thing is that too much depends upon the matchups in the final two weeks. Your team has to be strong and the weather has to be ok. It hurts if you play the Pittsburgh Steeler defense. Just ask fantasy owners of Matt Cassel. After spectacular weeks of 37 and 34 points (which is mind-numbing in our scoring system) Matt went for only four points this week. So ‘Go Time’ could also be ouch time. And if the weather turns in the same game, nobody is getting any points.

Where Are Those Turkey Points?

The game is on and I’m eating turkey. I leave the room for 10 minutes, and when I get back it’s 21-3! OK

Detroit! In the end all three games have surprising lopsided offensive numbers. But it is a tale of two days. Thursday saw three games result in 168 points. That would be an average of 56 points a game. The scoring in all 12 games on Sunday netted an average a little bit above 37 points a game. That 20-point difference had some crazy stories like the Colts not scoring an offensive touchdown on

Cleveland but still winning.

Cleveland had 110 yards passing and 101 yards rushing. It was equally slim pickings for the Colts. Our league had scores all over the place. Coming into tonight’s game, there are four teams in our league with less than 63 points. Where are those

Turkey points indeed is the question this week.

   But how did the Demolition do?

Here We Go Defense Here We Go!

I enter the final game of the season with a six-game winning streak and a record of 10-3. I have won a few games by the narrowest of margins and on the backs of the Pittsburgh Steeler D/ST. Looking ahead to the next few weeks is necessary and difficult for the Steelers are at

Baltimore and

Tennessee in Weeks 15 and 16. And when every point matters in the playoffs, can the illusion of a successful fantasy team be dashed? In a small single word answer … yes.

Dear Diary

Sometimes I feel compelled to talk about subjects outside of the realm of fantasy football. This exercise of my First Amendment right granted to me in The United States Constitution gives me an opportunity every now and then to get points across that may seem unpopular but need to be stated. Today I have chosen to head in the dark woods of Wall Street.

Don’t you wish you could go back in time? Many people think about that when decisions are made and the consequences of that decision play a major role in the outcome of your life. But what many do not realize is that we get the opportunity every now and then in the financial markets. To be more specific, I am speaking of the stock market.

Every now and then the stock market retraces and to be sure, this current retrace from Dow 15K to Dow 8K has been painful. However, if you have never invested before, now is the most wonderful time to acclimate yourself to the benefits of wealth creation through the stock market. Dow 8K has not been this price since 1998 … or a few weeks back depending upon your perspective.

But all negativity aside, you may not be aware but we live in the greatest economic capitalism experiment in humankind. The

United States of America has created prosperity for many more citizens than any other country in the world and many more are to come. I am not an economist even though I did score the second-highest score on the final exam in my Economics class. This does not even qualify me to say much of anything, but I am allowed to be aware and pass on the awareness to my readers.

We are on the brink of economic disaster every day according to reports about our recent economic past and our near term present. But this, too, shall pass. The structures that our economy are built on are solid, and in five or 10 years or so, this time will be noted as a wonderful investment opportunity for your children and grandchildren.

So become informed by reading about investing, and if you get the nerve you can start out by purchasing an index fund ETF like SPY which tracks the S&P 500.

I shall speak of it no more but I may mention something when the Dow hits 15K again. And it most certainly will.

Master D.

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