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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 13

It is Week 13 of the
14-week regular season that is fantasy football. Coming into this week, the
Cromwell Demolition holds a two-game lead with two weeks to play. Win once and
the division is wrapped up. But wins are fleeting like the thoughts of
Christmas past. Why do we start out with a

reference? The story begins there, Mr. Dickens.

“Marley Was Dead”

If you have not figured
that every version of

The Christmas Carol
written by Mr. Charles Dickens begins that way or sequences to the beginning of
the narrative in this way, well welcome to the party. It is so nice to have you
today. I was invited to see a production of

Christmas Carol
. The problem is that it starts at 1 p.m. and I have to
leave at 11 a.m. “Bah Humbug,” to quote Mr. Scrooge himself. DeAngelo Williams
is probable at 11 a.m. What is a man to do? He could boast about changing his
fantasy football team using his 3G phone that browses the web. But since I am
unable to justify to my lovely wife paying $1,500 a year for such a luxury, I go
pining for thee. And in the end, even though Tiny Tim lives in the play, this
Tim loses a starting running back from which no one can survive.


For You

To understand where
tradition comes from is to read the classic tale

A Christmas

Carol by
Charles Dickens. It is within these pages that we learn a traditional meal
served during the holidays was a roast goose. The goose was roasted slowly over
the fire so that its thick fatty skin was rendered into a pot for gravy. The
economics worked such that so many geese were needed for the holidays that it
drove the price down. Where economics is concerned, scarcity is the domain of
the wealthy. And this is relayed to us when Mr. Scrooge asks the boy at the end
to acquire the prize

at the local butcher shop. In

this trend is completely reversed by a hundred years later where

are so prevalent they dominate the

menu as an inexpensive alternative and the goose is now expensive. But in the
end for the demolition, there is no

and the team is only up by one game with one week to go.

At Least There Is Next

In the last week I am
going to need a lot of luck. But luck has always been a large part of this fantasy
football gig. Sometimes the luck goes your way. Sometimes it doesn’t. All of
the pieces are on your team but the wrong pieces are being played or an injury
bemoans us all to psycho-babble. How many times has your bench outscored with
ease some equivalent starter? Too many to be certain and the only way to win is
to get the right hand at the right time in the right situation. So give it your
best shot fate. I am right here waiting on your verdict and if I get it right,
see you in the playoffs.

Master D.

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