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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 13

Hello from chilly New England. My fantasy football team is on ice as well. It is the 13th week and I have triskaidekaphobia all right. For in the 13th week of the 14-week season, my team crashed the final time, putting me out of the playoffs for the first time in three years. I had only so many players to make plays and in the end other players on other teams made more. To echo a quote from a Willie Nelson song made famous by “Dandy” Don Meredith … “Turn out the lights, the party’s over. They say that all good things must end.”     

The Real Monday Night Football

The passing of “Dandy” Don Meredith on Sunday was sad to hear. When I was growing up there was Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford and Meredith. Meredith played the role of foil to Cosell’s bombastic anti-jock sentimentality. Cosell would insist that Meredith and Gifford were part of a jock-ocracy. And if you notice that there appears to be many families in sports, Cosell may not be far off. The real Monday Night Football had a critic and two talented ex-football players resulting in iconic showdowns. Today’s Monday Night is very entertaining with the breakdown of plays and admiration of players who perform and none of the anti-player commentary offered by Cosell in ye olde times. Jock-Ocracy 1,Cosell 0.

The Spectacle That Never Materialized

The talk began on Thanksgiving night after the New York Jets and New England Patriots won. The Monday Night Game in 10 days would be the greatest spectacle for the Monday Night Affair in years. It would be a Monday Night Festivus and all would revel in the anticipation. But what happens when only one team shows up? The Jets are in New Jersey. It gets cold there, doesn’t it? That clicking sound were all the televisions turning off after the first half when the score was 24-3. In the end, it was 45-3 and I could not even get junk yardage for Braylon Edwards that would have backed me into a victory. With one more week to go, it appears that my season of ups and downs is crashing toward the end. So how do you end a tough week? With a light-hearted comment about eggnog, of course.

Dear Diary

There are more flavors of eggnog in the stores than ever before. There is regular, vanilla, pumpkin, cinnamon, gingerbread and light. Why bother on the light? It is that time of year and eggnog does not come around that often. I did notice it appeared a full week earlier this year on the store shelves so that appears to be getting earlier as well.  

There aren’t as many flavors of bourbon I swear.

Master D.

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