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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 14

We have arrived to the end of the fantasy football regular season for most of us. It is a bittersweet time when we reflect upon our past successes and failures. As with all seasons, I take this time to reflect upon the year that was. When you win your division and get into the Fantasy Football Final Four, all is glorious. All is also precarious, so follow along why don’t you.

The Year That Was

This was the second year where I was not only my usual Fantasy Virgin but I was the commissioner again. Our league is still going and it is in its 11th year. Heck, some marriages begin then end and then begin and end a second time in 11 years. So I am appreciative of everyone in our league and their continued participation.

As with last year, I made the QB strong and awarded six points per TD instead of the usual three. Did everyone learn from last year when there were only five QBs taken in the first round of the draft? That would be NO! Still only five QBs were taken in the first round. When is my league going to learn?

So, I pull the stats at the end of the year and QBs in my QB-strong league take up the Top 13 slots in the yearly scoring. Yes, you did hear that right. The beauty of this scoring system is that there are 12 teams in the league and if 13 take up the top scoring spots, then everyone has an equal chance at competing. You just have to pick the right QB to be in the Top 13 my friends. It’s a chess game within a chess game. And I tell everyone in the league every year and do they listen…NO!

For example, DeMarco Murray, LeSean McCoy, and Darren McFadden went in the first round of our draft. So sometimes it pays to stick with an offense that starts at the top my friends. In the league that I run, it is the QB because the NFL always begins and ends with the QB. So why should your league not begin and end with the QB?

As for my team, I lost the first game of the season. Then I rattled off eight wins in a row. Since then, it has been up-and-down but as of the end of the season and this writing, I am a proud owner of a 10-3-1 record and a #2 seed in our Fantasy Football Championships. How did I get there? The answer to that is found in the week that was.

The Week That Was

The week started off with a bang as Knowshon Moreno, acquired several weeks ago, was fantastic in his effort against The Oakland Raiders. But it came down to Monday Night as Wes Welker and Owen Daniels played for my side and Stevan Ridley and the uber talented and dangerous Andre Johnson went for the other side. In the end I ended up with a tie. A tie!
  Now I have seen everything. My record is 10-3-1. On to the Fantasy Football Playoffs for all and to all a good week. My diary entry is about a special occasion.

Dear Diary

I usually spend Sundays hunkered in front of the TV taking in all that is Red Zone as it allows me to comment on the week in the NFL. This week I was not able to watch Red Zone for more than two hours. Why?

Can you see the real me? Really! My lovely wife is a big fan of The Who.
  Lo’ and behold back in July I read that they were coming to the Mohegan Sun Casino. So I decided to surprise her and for Christmas give her a big surprise. I got her and myself VIP passes to the event. Included was an invite to watch the band do a sound check, food, poster, and other cool things like VIP passes.

Right out of Wayne’s World there we are on Sunday with about a hundred or so others in a 10,000 seat arena watching The Who warm up. To quote Wayne and Garth it was a “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” moment.

This is where Einstein was correct and why I believe he won the man of the Century. You see folks, time is relative. The one hour sound check session went by in the blink of an eye. It felt like twenty to thirty minutes but the watch does not lie and it lasted one full hour. I remember being unable to wipe the smile off of my face. I kept on smiling whilst they played bits and pieces of the concert and talking in “band tech” terms.
  It was that freaking awesome.

And then, second row seats to the show was all the better and Christmas is saved for another year. What am I going to do as an encore? Thank you very much Roger and Pete. The band is super-talented and the show was fantabulous and I shan’t ever forget it.

Did I mention that we ran 12 miles on Saturday and 20 miles on Sunday?
  Yes. We ran 20 miles before a Who concert which was spent in its entirety on our feet.

What a glorious weekend.

 Master D.

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