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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 14

What was up with the weather this past weekend? Did your team get snowed in? Mine did. And with that inclement weather across the nation, the end of the fantasy football season arrived. For some it came in Week 13. For the rest it was in Week 14. So it is that time of year to reflect upon another fantasy football season. It has been a strange year.

The Year That Was

This was the third year where I was not only my usual “Fantasy Virgin” but I was also the commissioner, again. Our league is still going and it is in its 12th year. This year was a little bit unusual in that four members quit and only two came on board.

With a league of only 10 teams, I was advised to make a two tier playoff system within an East and West Division of five teams apiece. There would be three weeks of playoffs with the top two teams receiving a bye. The second- and third-place teams would play in Week 13 for a division championship game in Week 14 and then the fantasy football championship in Week 15.

The bottom four teams would play for the bucket bowl. It is important to make your season matter. Nothing is worse for league morale than someone losing the whole year only to win the last three weeks. Make your season count.

As with the previous two years, I made the quarterback strong and awarded six points per touchdown instead of the usual four. Did everyone learn from the previous three years when there were more than five quarterbacks taken in the first round of the draft? That would be no! Still, only five quarterbacks were taken in the first round. When is my league going to learn?

So, I pull the stats at the end of the 2013 year and quarterbacks in my quarterback-strong league took up the top-9 slots in scoring. Yes, you did hear that right. The beauty of this scoring system is that there are 10 teams in the league and if nine take up the top-scoring spots, then everyone has an equal chance at competing. You just have to pick the right quarterback to be in the top-9, my friends. It’s a chess game within a chess game. And I tell everyone in the league every year and do they listen? No! 

For example, running backs Doug Martin, Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles, and C.J. Spiller went in the first round of the draft this year. Yikes! Charles was worthy but came in 10th. Everyone else is pretty far behind for overall season statistics.

As for my team, I won the first game of the year. I beat the eventual division winner in Week 1. That was the only highlight of my year, as I stumbled out to a record of 3-4 and never saw another victory. What a crazy year.

This year, though, I had a team that was filled with Atlanta Falcons. Wide receiver Julio Jones led the NFL in receiving until his season ending injury. Running back Steven Jackson injured his hamstring on a touchdown run in the first game of the year. Then Matt Ryan, with limited resources, struggled. As the Falcons went, so did my fantasy football team. I did pick up other players, but they were not the difference-makers that quarterback Nick Foles was.

I rattled off six losses in a row and I am a proud owner of a 3-10 record and a No. 5 seed in our “Fantasy Football Bucket Bowl.” How did I get there? The answer to that is found in the week that was.

The Week That Was

As great as my year started out, I meekly end the year with a Bucket Bowl loss. I will be playing to finish the season in ninth place next week. If I do not win, it is a 10th-place finish out of 10 teams. The teams at the bottom had players like quarterback Aaron Rodgers. They were teams with victory just out of reach every week.

Dear Diary

Winter descended on the NFL this weekend. For those who were in the middle of it all, especially in Philadelphia, I feel for you. Fox had a great effect where they superimposed the actual yard line markers. Technology is awesome!

The Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Detroit Lions and only once did a team go for an extra point! And when they did it was blocked. I have never seen 8-12 inches of snow fall in such a short period of time during a football game.

I learned that according to the rules of football, the ground becomes the top of the snow. That is highly irregular, but if your knee is touching the top of the snow you are downed by contact.

You heard me correctly, my friends, for this week the actual ground moved.

Master D.

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