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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 14

It was on the 12th day of the 12th month and all was good.  For in a remote village in a quaint town in a secluded state, the Demolition sealed a victory leading to a .500 season.  Considering how we started the year off at 0-3, getting back to .500 is a small miracle.  So let us look back at what went wrong and what went right and then we will get to playoff time. Let’s start off with what went wrong.

What Went Wrong :: The Draft

The pick that makes everyone envious only brings about misery later on.  Specifically, the Demolition picked 2nd in the draft.  And this means that in a 12 team snake league, 20 picks occur between your E. James pick and your next pick.  20!  This leaves you guessing and then second guessing and trying to make up RB scoring by drafting good WR early and then too many quarterbacks.  What makes it all the worse is that one of the picks was a highly rated, but unproven M. Bennett.  This ruined the season resulting in a start that was 3-6.  3 of the 6 losses would have been avoided if I just had a 2nd RB that got like 15 points.  I guess everyone would win.  But from this adversity comes the What Went Right :: The Formula

What Went Right :: The Formula

Every week I picked up a backup RB that may be utilized that weekend hoping to catch fire in the bottle.  And what do you know?  I went 3-1 over the last four with a certain Samkon Gado in the lineup.  I would have gone 4-0 if I had played him every week.  What kind of doofus am I?  I guess a learning doofus.  I think that this formula works for every team that looks to get better.  Pick up off waivers the backup TE/RB/QB/K/WR who will start that week in the place of someone else because you just may catch fire in the bottle.  Now let’s speak to the future.  Here come the playoffs and the Fantasy Perils.

The Playoffs — Fantasy Perils

In this league it is a quick two playoff game system.  Here are some of the perils that I have noticed over the years and this year it’s no different.  Watch out for the teams that clinch home field throughout the playoffs.  The very same players that got you to the Fantasy Football playoffs may be successful because they have a successful offense.  Just like the Colts.  But Oh No, the Colts clinched home field throughout the playoffs and just like that players are rested.  Rested?  Yes.  So be on the lookout for resting candidates and look for those who can go.  The opposite is true as well.  A blue chip running back for a not so good team might get some rest in order to have the backup “learn” on the job.  Learn on the job?  That’s right folks, out because management wants to give their promising rookie high draft choice big contract blue chip recruit a chance to shine!  Be the next (Insert Great Player Here) because it will put more fannies in the seats and gain local mindshare.  Those are the two great perils you have to navigate.  As for the Demolition it is off to the playoffs with a chance at an extra week where it all matters.

 Master D.

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