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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 14

The regular season has ended and barring some type of misunderstanding on my part, I have made it into the first tier of playoffs.

  But my stay there may be short lived.

  Finishing 9-5 with a tie for the second best record in the league is nothing to sneeze at.

  But I guess it just comes down to all that happens is a luck of the draw.

  So let us go to the week that was just finished.

The Week That Was

My final showdown of the season was to get first place overall.

  But my RB situation has been awkward with flashes of brilliance.

  There was only one week this year that I had both my RBs gain significant offense.

  So I have been dipping into free agency all year.

  First it was insurance for Ronnie Brown and Larry Johnson.

  Now it is out of sheer desperation that I have no less than seven extra RBs on my team! Seven is way more than two and the best performance I can get out of any of them is ten points.

  This is just a sign of the times.

  I live in the country of Romo and Owens, therefore I perish in the country of Romo and Owens.

What Is The Deal Here Messrs. Ro-mowens?

When you get 50 or 60 points from two players most of the year, it gets tough when Mr. Owens is only thrown to five times and ends the day with five fantasy points.

  It would have been a very interesting week if Mr. L Tomlinson stayed with only 3 points.

  If Mr. Owens could have gone for 30 and I could have gotten a break on the other side, I may be in for a victory.

  But winning this whole thing is very circumstantial at best.

  What wins at the end of the year are hot players whose teams still require them to play in order to secure a playoff spot.

  Or be the Patriots…and their loss-less quest.

  That is the only way.

  I guess it is time to get reflective.


The Year That Was

The year that was had some highlights and lowlights.

  Let me get those lowlights over with.

  Oh, the bye week for the Cowboys was possibly the biggest infomercial for “How To Score The Least Points In A Week” with only 58 points.

  Wow that was awful.

  Another lowlight was Tony Romo throwing a meaningless interception which led to me losing by one point!

  Oh, the humanity of losing a Fantasy Football game by one point with your QB throwing an interception is outrageous.

  For those outsiders, when the QB throws an interception, 2 points is taken from his total.

  Ouch! Those two points meant the difference between tying the lead in our league and hanging on the lower half of the first-ies bracket.

  So wish me luck and by all means get your shopping done now!

  It is like 2 weeks to X-Mas!

 Master D.

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