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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 14

The regular season has ended and, even if I lose tonight, I have secured the top record in Fantasy Football in our 12 team league. The difference between me being 11-3 and 10-4 you ask? That would be Mr. Carnell “Cadillac” Williams of


Bay. If he goes for 16 points, I have lost. I will get to that later because the game is always later and this article is then finished. But as always it is the year that was.

The Year That Was

It appears that the secret to my year came in getting the second overall pick in the draft. The gentleman who picked first had to naturally pick LaDanian Tomlinson. Everybody chose Mr. Tomlinson. The result was the 13th-best running back in the league and not the first running back. But who could have possibly seen that coming? Exactly three people my friends. Three people named No, Bud and Dee. Sitting tight in the second spot, I was able to snag Mr. Adrian Peterson, the first RB in the NFL. But it was taking Michael Turner that won me the year. This very capable backup for Mr. Tomlinson in

San Diego turned out to be the second-best RB in the league so far. So even though I picked second, I did not take Michael Turner until the 47th spot in the draft. When you get the two best RBs in fantasy football in that combination, a lot of victories are coming you way. But how am I doing now? You see Doc, I am not doing so well.

The Week That Was

When RB Adrian Peterson and RB Michael Turner go for a combined 24 points, you are in a lot of trouble. Blame on the weather, the offensive line, the accidental naked guy on TV, but in the end it doesn’t matter because that is the week that was. My only saving grace was the Steelers D/ST going large. But to show my weakness to all of my future opponents, I have no less than seven WRs on my team.

I just cannot get Drew Brees to like Marques Colston as much as I like Marques Colston.  And Mr. Marvin Harrison is sketchy up and sketchy down. I am going to have to get lucky. And, in the end as I write this, Mr. Cadillac Williams went well but not well enough. Remember that early sequence in the Monday Night Game where the Bucs were stopped on fourth and goal?   That was the difference in my contest. If Cadillac would have got in, I would have lost. So I finish the year 11-3. Anyone have any WR ideas? I need an early stocking statistic stuffer to bring a fantasy championship home.

Master D.

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