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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 14

The fourteen game Fantasy Football season has come and went.

  The first step is to qualify for the playoffs because you can’t win the championship without having the top four records in our three division twelve team league.

  It has come to pass that the Cromwell Demolition pulled out a one game margin of victory in the Central Division.

  My overall record of 9-5 is the second best in the league.

  There are good and bad moments in every week and these moments become the year.

  So as always it is the year that was.

The Year That Was

This year was very different than last year.

  Each year has its own unique qualities but this year saw something new.

  I had players declared ineligible to play or did not even play right at the 1 PM deadline.

  This naturally resulted in 0 points.

  How do you overcome 0 points?

  I guess you really don’t.

  Another unique twist to this year is we abandoned the 2 RB lineup and went to a Flex option where you can start a RB/TE/WR in place of that mandatory RB.

  This went well because the overall NFL rules have made it easier for WRs to get open and score.

  But how am I doing now?

  I limp into the playoffs this year on the leg of a broken offense.

The Week That Was

The game this week was not strong but enough to win.

  My K Billy Cundiff outscored four players individually this week.


  But almost everyone made it to double digits.

  Long gone are the days of 170 points.

  The foundation of any winning Fantasy Football team appears to be a combination of luck and a lineup that has league leaders who do not get injured.

  These players also have to be on a team not too far ahead in the standings.

  For example, I do find it ironic that if any players on the Indianapolis Colts rest the next two weeks, the season will be lost.

  So on to the Fantasy Football playoffs.

 Master D.

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