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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 14

The last week of the fantasy football season has come and gone. It is always bittersweet. And even though my year ended with a five-game losing streak after starting out 4-1, it was the up-and-down play of my blue chip team members that led to the record of 6-8. And I take no solace in the fact that the winning record in my division was 8-6. Two games! Just a measly two games is the difference between getting a shot and going home empty handed. It is the first time in three years that this has come to pass. There are good and bad moments in every week and these moments become the year. So as always it is the year that was.

The Year That Was

The year started off with a bang. I received the second overall draft pick and this resulted in Chris Johnson because the first pick went to Adrian Petersen. Oh that seemed so long ago but it did not work out for either fantasy football team so I guess picking first or second did not really matter. My year began with a 4-1 start and ended with a 2-7 fizzle. It came down to key injuries to key players at inopportune times. But perseverance is the name of this game and every week I put a decent team out there. When you draft a great blue chip player and get mixed results in the end you get a mixed record which is around .500. But how am I doing now? The week began with a bang and it ends with a victory.

The Week That Was

The week started off with a 31-point performance from Chris Johnson. The week ended with a 31-point performance from DeSean Jackson. Yay! So nice for that; however, the whole thing is a bit tardy to the party, don’t you agree? I appear to be headed to the last tier of the playoffs in our league. This means the best I can finish this year is ninth. Bring it on!

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