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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 15

Week 15 in the NFL season is fantasy football playoff time. You win and you are in the championship. You lose and you go home. For others (like myself), it is a week to try and salvage the year and stay out of the cellar. You have to remember that the partner that got you to the dance may not actually help you on the big day. So be weary of the off week at the wrong time.

A Win?

As a friendly reminder, I am playing to avoid last place in my fantasy football league. It is interesting because I have not won a game since I found a way to win in Week 7 to get to 3-4. I never won again in the regular season. And in the first week of the bucket bowl I lost again. Oh, the humanity.

I still had visions of this week back on draft day. One of my conclusions from all these years of fantasy football is that it is always wise to have the players on the teams making the playoffs. The second conclusion is to back weight Weeks 15 and 16 with an emphasis on teams playing in warm weather or a dome.

So when Washington came to face Atlanta, I had visions of the Falcons smoking the Redskins and securing a playoff appearance. The Falcons were in the playoffs last year and were a dominant force in the regular season. But it fell apart quickly after some key injuries to running back
Steven Jackson

and wide receiver
Julio Jones

. This brought the whole team down and it sank my fantasy football team as well.

But this week is another story. And with a great performance by wide receiver Dez Bryant, I somehow squeaked out a victory and I finished the year in ninth place out of 10 teams. I never did give up and I tried to improve my team every week.

Dear Diary

The fantasy football championship will not be within reach this year. I am totally to blame. But all is not necessarily your fault if you are in the same position as I. The margin of error is so small every given week unless you have
Peyton Manning


It appears that in my league the two teams playing for all the marbles this year had Manning and
Nick Foles

. Both are capable of big numbers so it should be an interesting championship week.

After the championship week, it is back to prognostication. Oh, and don’t forget, I can also finally answer all those questions I put forth in Week 1. I do so enjoy the symmetry that braces the season between Week 1 and Week 17.

Get to shopping, and I mean now, for Christmas is a week away and it is on a Wednesday. Wednesday Christmases really bug everyone. But that is next week’s article.

Stay warm!

Master D.

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