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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 15

Happy Holidays to every reader of this site and the Fantasy Virgin articles.  May this holiday bring prosperity to everyone and may your Holiday wonts bring only solace to your weary cerebrum.  The first week of the playoffs came and went.  By far, most of you out there did not even qualify for the playoffs.  Let�s see, traditionally there are 12 teams with 3 divisions and out of that comes 3 winners plus 1 Wildcard.  So, all things being equal and this being the normal Fantasy League dynamics, we are looking at 75% of us didn�t even make it to this mixer.  Your teams are either on the sidelines or playing in 2nd and 3rd tier playoff games.  That is where we left off last week.  And just by happenstance I get the same team that I prevailed over by 3 points last week.  This will be easy-peasy, right?  Unfortunately every week is a different beast and the teams change and so do the weather conditions. The Captain senses this undercurrent this week aboard the HMS Demolition. 

Back To The Well Once Too Often

Last week, a miracle win occurred with a Monday Night performance by Messer Gonzalez.  But everything happened correctly.  My defense was playing the lowest scoring offense in the league.  And that will not repeat itself my friends so we needed a big week but it was not to be had.  Those Fantasy Teams that rode on the arms of Brady and McNabb all year had a struggling week.  And one or two players with just so-so performances can be handled.  But it was a low yardage week for certain potent offenses.  That is where my team went.  Right to the back of the train�yes my friends it was a caboose week.  My caboose brought up the rear and my team lost.  The strange part is my opponent put up a score only 4 points off.  I put up an offense that was 30 points shy of the previous week.  So now its off to the third place game of the second tier playoff system.  Yes, that means I am battling for 7th place.  I think its appropriate if I do lose and come in 8th for I had the 8th pick in the draft!  How weird would that be? Speaking of weird, the Demolition looks across a familiar bow.

Captain�s Log � 12-20-2004 � 11:00 PM

We looked at that Chalice of Silver and shouted �Balooo�.  But when we saw our obstacle it was the same as last week.  We were a suffrin� from d�j� vu alright.  O�l Artemis likes to say �deja-view� and this thought made me chuckle a bit.  But this time, there was not a comeback to be had our decks were scrubbed by an opponent that was just the same the week before but this time our week was a sequence of poor weather phenomenon in combination with a beleaguered crew.  Sometimes you get to the end and there isn�t enough strength to get over the line.  Other times, a playoff run starts off fresh as a daisy and we became the former instead of the latter.  The Demolition just ran out of wind in her sails and it was given for this week.  We are in consolation next week.  We will decorate a tree and bring in the holiday on the ocean.  We are half-hoping we get some live squid so Smelly Britches can bring a feast of Calamari to us.  So we will cast a net looking for Holiday fare.  May a Holiday feast bring kindness in spirit and tidings of comfort to you and yours.

Master D.

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