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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 15

It is the playoffs.

  So it is go large or go home.

  And this week I am up against the likes of Mr. Brian Westbrook and Mr. Tony Romo.

  My team the Cromwell Demolition has yet to win a first round championship game in the three times I have been in this situation.

  The tension on Sunday is crazy for all has to fall into place.

  Just start your team like every other week and stop thinking.

  That is how the week went and the result was statstical largess.


Peyton Manning Throws Down To Clark

I have TE Dallas Clark.

  That was the extra momentum combined with Michael Turner and Adrian Peterson to go large.

  Now Manning did not get as far as he could but in the world of receiving,

Clark had a season high 32 points.

  This type of unanticipated output made up for tough games by Marvin Harrison and only a decent performance by Drew Brees.

  I could not complain and in my league the resulting 137 points is a great effort.

  And I watched and I waited for the Monday Night affair to run its course.

Luck Is Timing Sometimes

In the end, the Cromwell Demolition gets to the finals of the league championship with a 137 to 115 victory.

  An interesting note is that 115 points by my opponent was good enough to win every other game played this week in our league.

  So immediately I look ahead and see if there are matchups for any of my teams that are favorable.

  And wouldn’t you know?

  The New Orleans Saints visit the Detroit Lions.


Detroit may win that game but I would like it to be by a score of 42-41 with 4 TD by Brees and 2 by Colston.  Oh the wishes the week before Christmas.  It is Montgomery Ward and Sears Catalog season all over again. 


Dear Diary

Christmas is still a little over a week away.

  And the stress is getting to everyone.

  I try to bring some comfort and joy to our friends and family through an annual Christmas carol get together.

  This happened for the twelfth year on Saturday.

  It is a fun time where we sing carols and I along with our good friend Lara play the piano.


I played fourteen songs and Lara played sixteen songs.

  We had a saxophonist by the name of John this year.

  My lovely wife Jill made these great meatballs and a good time was had by all.

  What is our party like?

  It starts at 4 pm and goes to about 7:30 PM.

  Hey, its perfect and everyone is home or shopping by 8 pm.


This is still much longer than the first annual Christmas carol get together.

  I played 3 songs and Lara played 6.

  We sang and had much merriment then and there were only seven of us.

  The carol idea harkens back to a time when there were no other forms of media.

  No TVs.

  No Radios.

  Nothing but a sense of community and every year it delivers on that community spirit.


For all the people that come, I want to say thank you and from the bottom of my heart.

  We exchange host sites and this year Lara did the duty.

  Her and her husband put on a good show and fun was had by all.

  This year the singing and playing was better than ever.

  We banished commercialism and do X-Mas “Ye Olde Style”.

  I suggest the same tonic for everyone.

  The result is hi-jinks and a smile that warms the cockles.

And a smile is the wish I have for everyone in this time of great tumult.

Master D.

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