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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 15

I would like to say that I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays to all that read my article and to all a good night and good year. May your New Year be bright. As is every holiday, please keep in your thoughts the men and women of our armed services who find themselves away from their loved ones this time of year. It is also the playoffs. It is winning time, and this week I am up against the likes of Kerry Collins and Chris Cooley. My team, the Cromwell Demolition, was drafted for these conditions so we are all ready to go.

Draft Day Preparation

On draft day I look for teams that are playing in warm weather or a dome and lean to those players. No one knows exactly what type of weather is going to be around in the 15th week of the NFL season, so you should play the percentages and hope the teams your players play for have to win to make the playoffs. The worst is when you have a team full of players that do not need to win and start resting up for the playoffs. That means your best players are resting up as well. No quarterback or wide receiver makes for an awful week.

The Usual

When you are in a passing league such as today’s NFL, you rely on your wide receivers and your tight end to deliver. But my up-and-down week continues in this regard, and even an outstanding week by Vincent Jackson is not enough to deliver a victory. Too many other pieces of the puzzle just did not fit together, so this up-and-down year results in a down and a first-round playoff loss. There is always next week and we will suit them up and go again. This week’s diary entry is about the holiday season of course.

Dear Diary

Christmas is this Saturday and when Christmas falls on the weekend, I find myself struggling to time the parties and time the shopping. When Christmas falls on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, we seem to be granted an extra weekend to shop and frolic in the holiday spirit. When Christmas falls on a Saturday or Sunday all of the shopping and planning has to be concluded a week early. The result is a slow and drawn out week up to and including the holiday. Work seems almost like work the week when Christmas is on a Saturday and you end up working five days when its on a Sunday. What kind of fun is that?

This year we managed to put together our 13th Christmas caroling party. We call it the annual Christmas extravaganza. Good friends play the piano and sing to our hearts content. A good time is had by all and we mark the occasion with song and excellent food. This year was no different so special thanks to Lara and Kevin for putting on such a great event. We really appreciate their friendship during these cold days.

My holiday will be filled with family events and I will enjoy every minute of it. May you enjoy your time as well.


Master D.

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