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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 15

Hello to everyone!   May your Christmas be merry and bright.   We will not have a white Christmas this year.   However we did have a White Halloween.   This is a bit awkward isn’t it?   But it is that time of year and we have to take the good with the bad.   And this week I am up against the likes of Drew Brees.   Yikes! But before that some streaks came to an end in the NFL this week.

Just Asking

Everyone was asking what would happen first. Would the Indianapolis Colts win a game or would the Green Bay Packers lose a game? Little did we know that asking that question came down to less than one minute but it did. In the narrowest of margins, the Colts won their first football game by about 45 seconds. Only watching the end of both games can you come across that weird statistic. Yet it happened almost at the same time.   It is like the Karma gods wanted to answer the questions simultaneously. And at the same time let the champagne flow for the 1972 Miami Dolphins. They celebrate being the only NFL team to have an undefeated year. The Patriots had an undefeated season but lost it to the Giants in the final game of the year. And on the the concept of finality, that Brees sure feels familiar.   

Is It A Zephyr Or Just A Slight “Brees”

This is more like a typhoon! Drew Brees went for fitty (50) points. Are you kidding me? Fifty points. In the most unusual lineups, the rest of my opponents team went for only 17 for Marques Colston and 14 for Michael Turner.  Everyone else of his team went for less than double digits.   But for me on the strength of QB Michael Vick (welcome back!), TE Vernon Davis, WR Dez Bryant, and the DST of the Seahawks, I have a playoff victory. This week I play for 5th place in the second best group. Yay me! The diary entry is as always about Christmas.

Dear Diary

Christmas falls on a Sunday and this means that Roman Catholics get a two-fer. They go to Church on Sunday and it counts for Sunday mass and the Christmas mass. That is like getting extra time back for your religious celebration to free time ratio. But being on a Sunday means that the Saturday before is an opportunity to go shopping an extra day.

This usually means more gifts. But for us it means more time to receive these gifts. Speaking of reception, we pulled together our 14th annual Christmas caroling party. It was a great time for my relatives to go including my father who is on the ill side. Good luck to him and his condition in The New Year.
We call it the annual Christmas extravaganza. Good friends play the piano and sing to our hearts content. A good time is had by all and we mark the occasion with song and excellent food. This year was no different so special thanks to Lara and Kevin for putting on such a great event. We really appreciate their friendship during these cold days.

My holiday will be festooned with bright lights and experiences with family that will not last as long as I want it to.   So please enjoy your time as well.

Peace again to all.

Master D.

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