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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 16

This is Week 16 and the final week for most of us in fantasy football land. It is a celebration of my team. It may be the greatest team ever assembled not to win a fantasy football championship. And it is all my fault. Oh … by the way … Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
   Happy Chanukah! And by all means “Happy Festivus … for the rest of us.”

I hope that Dec. 25 will find you with your loved ones and filled with holiday happiness and cheer. This article falls on Christmas Day. This is a first due to how the article moved a few years ago to the beginning of the week. This week is truly a celebration, and my team pulled out all the stops.

Cromwell Demolition Gives Me An Early Present

My fantasy football team is called “The Cromwell Demolition.” And it let me down the last week of the year, dropping me to second place. Little did I know that it would work against me. That result, along with some ticklish injuries to players and very weird matchups resulted in me losing my opening round of the playoffs. So what kind of encore could we have?

Well my team clicked on all cylinders and dropped a 180-spot this week. The all-time high in our league is 188 points, but to throw down 180 points in Week 16 when it all could matter is another story. Heck … my bench put down 128, and that would have defeated seven other teams in my league this week. So thank you, “Cromwell Demolition,” for a wonderful year. I wish that I could just do a little bit more to tweak one more victory out of them. But in this fantasy football world, you take the good with the not so good.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

That is always the idea going through your mind. Why did I not take the Cincinnati defense/special teams off the waiver wire three weeks ago? Why did I not start Eric Decker instead of Roddy White? It is all part of the experience. Navigating these waters is tricky stuff. One of the things I like to do is check in the championship game in our league to see if I had the right idea during the year.

The primary goal is to get to the first tier championship. The secondary goal is to assemble the very best team you can Weeks 15 and 16. And I almost did. The championship team won with a score of 125. Oh, what a difference a week makes. So next year brings on a new season. Everyone is better on Tuesday. Most times you have to be crafty by 12:59 p.m. on Sunday! I asked some very important questions in my “Let The Season Begin” article. We can answer them now.

Answers to Riddle Me This!

The questions that I had in the inaugural “Riddle Me This” preseason were intended to be provocative and come back to the noise and chatter preceding the NFL in 2012. Did I step into it or not? Look at these questions.

Will Mark Sanchez start the whole year?

NO … his third-string backup Greg McElroy … not Tim Tebow … started and lost against The San Diego Chargers in Week 16.

How important are NFL referees from the NFLRA?

Very important … after a Seattle Seahawks victory on a controversial play in Week 3, the regular officials were back. They made many of the same mistakes, but no one seemed to care as much.

How strong is the NFL commissioner really?

Not as strong … all New Orleans Saints players who were suspended ended up not serving one game of their suspensions for bounty gate.

How important is it to have a head coach? The New Orleans Saints will let us know.

Very important … The New Orleans Saints started the year 0-4 after many projected they would win outright in defiance of the commissioner’s bounty gate ruling

How is Peyton Manning’s neck?

Quite nice. Manning has thrown for more than 4,000 yards and the Denver Broncos are 12-3.

How is Adrian Peterson’s knee?

Twice as nice as Manning’s neck. He is only 208 yards away from Eric Dickerson’s NFL single-season rushing record. Come on!

Is Andrew Luck ready to start in the NFL?


Is Robert Griffin III ready to start in the NFL?


My diary entry is about another Christmas of comings and goings.

Dear Diary

This Christmas brings about many changes to our family with the passing of my father in 2012. It has been rather difficult to get through these holidays as stresses get amped up all the more with just the flood of memories old and the flood of memories recent.

So, I will briefly say as it always happens at this time when the soul is battered and beaten from comings and from goings. Life is for the living. I now cherish the living and the now more than ever. So be that person who spreads holiday cheer in the present because for others the focus is not on the present.

Be safe everyone and Happy Holidays!

Master D.

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