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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 16

Happy New Year!  Fantasy Football Leagues officially ended this week.  And now you know how difficult it is to win the league championship?  Many team owners dominated their leagues with players that were outstanding during weeks 1-14 only to see those players get injured or become nullified because the team clinched home field throughout the playoffs.  I guess it is consistency and a willingness to change that makes the difference.  And then you have a spectacular week and you have to wonder just where did that come from?  The Captain celebrates the last week aboard the HMS Demolition with excellence and pulls into home port for another off-season of clandestine high finance.  Have to pay for repairs and analyze for next season right?  The Virgin Articles will continue with playoff analysis and shenanigans like it always happens so stay right here for more to come.  By all means please participate in our playoff contests.  They are lots of fun.   

Why Now?

How can this happen?  In the last week of the Fantasy Football Season, my team rips off 185 points!  Now this is a league that is a weak QB league (3 points per TD) and starts 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE and 1 Defensive Team.  To put this week in perspective, it must be compared with other teams and their best weeks.  185 points is the most scored all season by any team in our league.  The problem has to do with consistency.  The same team also scored 54 points in week 13.  OUCH!  That was the third lowest point total all year by any team.  That is just weird city and this up and down season was just as strange.  The team ended up 8-8 and the Demolition drafted 8th.  All of the eights make me want to play the lottery.  Another interesting note is that the season started with a loss and every odd week there was a loss followed by a win every even week.  This string was broken by two consecutive wins which then followed with two consecutive loses.  I guess it was even steven.  The teams with the best record in our league drafted 4th, 5th and 7th.  This shows to me that when certain can’t miss players are taken at the top falter a little bit, they are promptly replaced by 2nd and 3rd tier players or rising stars.  So next year, pick upside over past glory and you may be well rewarded.  The reward for the Demolition was just another season of camaraderie.  Remember, we are in this to win and probabilities are high that we just may have a great season as long as we continue to play.  There is always next season.  Just ask all those fans of those NFL teams who will miss the playoffs!

Captain’s Log – 12-27-2004 – 11:00 PM

The Demolition listed past the last obstacle and our week was done.  Artemis had a difficult time tallying the statistics.  It seems our abacus was rusty and difficult to move those beads over 150!  We looked over at the awarding of the prizes and we shook hands, drank a refreshment or two and set sail for home port.  Another year aboard the high seas and our game ended up where it started.  Everyone starts out 0-0.  We ended up 8-8. Just like it came to be all ups and all downs equals … well equanimity I guess.  The harbor welcomed us home and we all shook hands and picked our meeting date and spot for next year.  The boatswains smiled for their off-season will be filled with goose and 20 year tawny no doubt and Artemis will go back to his family and tell tall tales involving Calamari and Mawu and other brilliant sea stories no doubt.  The Demolition will get the once over and she’ll be seaworthy in 6 or 7 months time.  Then it will be filled with another crew for there are obstacles to be had every late summer into fall into the early winter.  Thank you for coming along on this journey.  Good Luck and Godspeed this upcoming year.

Master D.

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