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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 16

Happy New Year!  This brings about the end of the Fantasy Football portion of your programming.  Please do not adjust the dial.  The Virgin will be around for some playoff and prognostication.  All of it will be from my heart.  But that is the standard fare when you write for the best Fantasy Football site on the web.  That means we must canvass the week that was.  Its week 16 and you are battling for 8th place.  Oh the misery.  This year I am playing for 2 games over .500 and the 5th best record in the league.  Let’s have at it shall we?

The Big Late Guns

The end of the Fantasy Football Season brings insight into next year.  I really don’t hold on to this information because I play the role of “Virgin” quite well.  Every year I impersonate a newbie.  A rookie and with the use of guile and this website try to work through the year.  It is a testament to my “forgetfulness” that makes my article work.  So I do not deviate from the format.  And now this brings me to the end of another year and some big late guns.  Like that RB for Jacksonville Maurice Jones-Drew.

The Late Season Push

I picked up Maurice Jones-Drew just before week 4 and wrote about him in week 7.  At week 7, he was only owned by 30% of all Fantasy Football teams covered in the website.  As of this writing, he is still only owned by 71% of the teams out there.  Like HELLO!  With Fred Taylor being injured, Jones-Drew got the start and put the hamma down!  He ran downhill for 35 points.  Like Westbrook, he catches the ball out of the backfield as well and it was an impressive showing.  So impressive that Jones-Drew will be ranked in the top 12 RB next year come draft time.  And with this performance, the end result is the victory and a 9-7 season.

Ending The Year On a High Note

I really hate being .500!  I really do.  And this year I got one victory more and ended up two games over .500.  The team that had Tomlinson ended up not winning the whole she-bang.  It shows that these one-trick ponies are great but you need luck and injury avoidance at the end of the year to win it all.  The gentleman who took it all this year won the whole thing with the likes of Carson Palmer, the Ravens Defense, and a spectacular end of year performance by RB Steven Jackson of the Rams.  Look at the last six games and you will see why.  So the next few weeks will be about football and I look forward to some prognostication.  Ravens are coming on!  Colts are unraveling!  Does the NFC really have a chance?  All coming to an article on this website soon.

Happy 2007!  May the New Year Bring you Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

Master D.

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