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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 16

Merry X-Xmas! Happy Holidays! Hallelujah!

  The official portion of the Fantasy Virgin Chronicles ends with this week and we head into prognostication territory.

  So the articles will still flow and all will be merry and bright.

  And in my family’s thoughts and prayers will be the American troops in danger all over the World.

  Away during this time of year is stressful for all.

  I appreciate the service of these fine men and women and thank them from the bottom of my heart. This year I am playing for 3rd place because I lost my chance to win it all last week.

  Let’s have at it shall we?

The Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story is diversification.

  For me, the highest of highs were on those weekends that T.O. and T. Romo lit up the scoreboard.

  But the lowest lows came when they just had a tough day.

  And tough days happen more than you think in the NFL.

  The Eagles’ defense proved that the close game against the Pats was no fluke.

  The RB injuries to R. Brown and L. Johnson did not help either.

  Oh, my country for an A. Stecker!

  That late acquisition got me a Victory this week.

How Did It End Up?

Only three teams finished above .500 in our 12 person league.

  And it was L.T. leading the way to the end zone and victory for the P-Men.

  My victory secures me third place.

  The victory also put me four games over .500 for only the second time this year.

  It was there for the taking but karma was not on my side. It does make for a strange year when 9 teams out of the 12 in your league are .500 or less.

  But that is my parity article from a few weeks back.

Ending The Year On a High Note

A victory is a victory is a victory.

  But there is some sad part that leaves me with the end of the fantasy football season.

  So for a seventh time I bid the Fantasy Football season good day!

  Fare thee well Fantasy Football…until August.

  So the next few weeks will be about football and I look forward to some prognostication.

  Are there really only four good teams in the league?

  Will the Pats finish undefeated?

  Will the New Year bring better luck for Mr. Romo?

  All of this coming to an article near you!…on this website.

Master D.

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