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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 16

I am playing for seventh place this week.
  Somehow, I snuck into the 2nd tier of the playoffs after all the results came in.
  And this week I am a winner with a player yet to play.
  DeSean Jackson is playing a Tuesday game because of a snowstorm on Sunday night.
  What kind of society have we become?

No Football For You

Football is the kind of sport that involves mostly very large men hurtling themselves at each other every 45 seconds or so.  They are wearing helmets and pads which actually do the opposite of what you think.
  It gives them the unabashed permission to hit harder.  One play with an open microphone on the field gives you all the ammunition needed to load the smoking gun regarding head injuries in this league.  So I was amazed that the league would cancel the game on Sunday night.
  The game would have been so entertaining due to the harsh conditions that the ratings would have been off the chart.
  I remember when they played football during blizzard conditions.  Just look up the game between the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers on October 15, 1984.  What makes a 1984 blizzard any nicer than a 2010 blizzard? 
 The vehicles are definitely safer now. 
 Must be those humans getting in the way again.

Preparing For This Week

One of the keys to draft night is preparing for weeks 15 and 16 just in case you get to the big finale.  Preparation is done by assigning weighted statistical figures to players that are playing in a Dome or warm weather weeks 15 and 16.
  Just ascribe the numbers, run the stats, et voila!, you have a result and therefore a draft pick. 
 It doesn’t always hold true.
  Just look at Tom Brady’s numbers in Buffalo this week. 
But you may be able to give yourself the edge needed to win. 
Bear that in mind when it comes to future drafts. Prognostication time has come to this series of articles so let us prognosticate for a brief period of time.

Buying vs Selling…Buying

Just go back to the beginning of the season.
  What were you buying?
  What were you selling?
  Only through the results of the 16 week sample can you tell whether or not your investments were accurate.
  Across America, most intelligent football sources were buying the Jets….now?
  Not.  Revis island has become a tourist destination where they serve those drinks with the umbrellas in them. 
 Even as late as this week there were articles warning about how Cutler should avoid throwing Revis’ way?  How did that work out? Cutler throws three TDs in crazy windy/snowy weather.
  That means you better be weary of what you buy in the beginning of the year my friends.

Buying vs Selling…Selling

Just go back to the beginning of the season. 
What were you selling? 
I know you were selling the Kansas City Chiefs. 
 They had won a combined 10 games the previous three seasons!
  Yet this week they find themselves 10-5 and in the playoffs. 
 Dwayne Bowe may only have 67 catches on the year but did your opponent have him weeks 10, 11, and 12 when he went for 43, 28, and 48 points respectively?
  I had that happen to me and that was one of the differences in me getting to the first tier of the playoffs.
  So watch out what you are selling at the beginning of the year.  The NFL has a way of surprising. 
I believe NFL may stand for “Not For Long” in terms of your predisposed ideas. 
 Just ask the Colts’ fans who at this time last year were resting up key players and losing the undefeated season. 

So bring on the last week of the season and the playoffs.  It looks to be an unpredictable finish to an unpredictable year.  Speaking of which… 

Happy New Year everybody!

Master D.

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