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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin: Week 16

I am playing for fifth place this week. I got into the second tier of the playoffs after all the results came in. And this week I was a winner with a player yet to play. This is a first in the history of fantasy football. The ever elusive Saturday win has happened.

The Saturday Win

Christmas falls on a Sunday this year and the NFL does not want to be Scrooge, so the games get pushed up a day. All the games were on a Saturday, except for the Bears/Packers game, and almost all the results were in by Saturday night. When all was said and done, I found myself with a two-game winning streak and a fifth place finish. I finished the year 8-7-1. The good news is that there were only five teams that were above .500 in the league this year and I was one of them. The bad news is that I could not muster enough wins to get into the championship. Oh well. Better luck next year.

And Everyone Was Playing!

Usually some races are wrapped up for the best teams by Week 16. This is bad for fantasy football owners because the players that got you to Week 16 could be sat down. But this year everyone had something to play for so everyone played. All the No. 1 seeds had not been sewn up yet, so even Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Green Bay Packers stayed in the game long enough to post great fantasy points. Now we are in the part of the article series where we dispatch fantasy football and we head towards prognostication. So let us prognosticate for a brief period of time.

Buying vs. Selling … Buying

Just go back to the beginning of the season. What were you buying? What were you selling? Only through the results of the 16-week sample can you tell whether or not your investments were accurate. Across America, most intelligent football sources were buying the Philadelphia Eagles … now? Not. Though the Eagles made a valiant push and may even get to .500, that is not what everyone was buying at the beginning of the year. So even the way the teams stack up may not pan out as they should when you get to this part of the season.

Buying vs. Selling … Selling

Just go back to the beginning of the season. What were you selling? I know you were selling the San Francisco 49ers. In 2010 they won six games. In 2009 they won eight games. Due to the lockout they did not have any real football camp and they had a new coach in Jim Harbaugh. No way could they win, yet they did win and they won often. As I have said before, the NFL has a way of surprising. In this way the letters NFL stand for the words “Not For Long.”

Happy New Year everybody!

Master D.

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