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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 17

Happy New Year!

  May the New Year bring prosperity and joy to you and yours.

  May 2008 ring in positive change.

  As for myself, this time of year transitions me from a Fantasy Football writer to analyst.

  I have picked the big-game winner each of the last four years but this year is going to be by far the most difficult.

  I always enjoy putting down in pen the obvious and this year should be no different with the WildCard Weekend.

  Then next week the final eight will be in play and the analysis and big-game winner will be written at that time.

  So….as Motley Crue once crooned…”I’m on my way…I’m on my way eee aaayy …”

Home Sweet Home

The NFL playoffs are intense.

  This stands to reason due to the one and done nature of all of it.

  Unlike the other professional sports of baseball, football, and hockey, you only get one shot. The loser goes home so it gets to be an exciting atmosphere.

  Every error is magnified and the time is ticking faster for the losing team.

  Wild Card Weekend is usually Wild because these teams fall into the category of “hot” and “fall from grace”.

  The home team wins mostly and traditionally out of the four games, we will either have a home sweep or a 3 – 1 outcome.

  The idea is to figure out that one loss because home cooking isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be in this first round.

Here’s Looking At You

This wild weekend sees four dramatic games.


 It begins with The Seahawks of Seattle vs. the Redskins of Washington D.C. in


  What a tough game to pick because

Washington is hot and the Seahawks have been a good playoff team.

  The storyline with this game is that the hawks will come out throwing and throwing and that

Washington has gotten their act together finally.

  Well I think

Seattle will move on.

Next up will be the Jaguars at Steelers in sunny


  The last time the Jaguars came to town, many of their players spent the day before watching snow for the first time.

  In the immortal words of Apollo 13 …”

Houston….we have a problem”.


  Because, in all likelihood, this game will feature single digit temps and flurries or both.

  And in

Jacksonville, the weather is 80 and sunny.

  The Steelers will miss W. Parker making this game even-steven.

  In a mild upset, I will take the Jaguars to do it again.

First game on Sunday sees the Giants at the




  I can honestly say that I have never seen the Giants play so hard to try and defeat the Patriots in a meaningless game.

  The Giants had three injuries and played their guts out.

  And for what?


  Meanwhile, the Bucs just lollygagged their way to a 31-23 loss to


  Nobody simulcasted that game.

  Nobody did a 6 hour preview of that game.

  I will take the Bucs smoking the Giants by way of confusing Manning the 2nd.

  On paper, this should be an easy win for the Giants.

  Look for hubris to be the cause of one and done in G-Land.

  If I am wrong on this, I will eat some humble pie.

The last game on Sunday brings about the Titans at the Chargers.

  The Chargers have a lot to prove and the Titans just barely defeated those Colts sans Manning the 1st for most of the game.

  I am constantly amazed how teams differ when the “big name” QB is directing the offense.

  How would the Pack, ‘Boys, Pats, and Colts be without Favre, Romo, Brady, and Manning the 1st?

  Look for L.T. to run all over town.

  If the Chargers blow this one, it will be another spectacular defeat for a really good team.

  And, if my memory serves me right, the Chargers defeated these same Titans after playing horribly for 3 quarters on December 9th.

  Which team will show up?

  Look for the Chargers to go forth.


What To Watch

Teams create momentum in these Wild Card games.


Indianapolis went on to win it all from the momentum gained over their first round victory.

  Can another team do the same?

  The season ending chapters of the NFL season become memorabilia everyone purchases the second weekend of February.

  Sometimes it all comes together for one player or coach and they become the symbol or rallying point.

But at first blush, how the heck is anyone beating the Cowboys in the NFC and the Pats in the AFC?

  I guess that article will be next week.


aster D.


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