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The Diary Of A Fantasy Virgin – Week 18

Hey. Did you see that
wildly cold weather in

this weekend? Did you see those crazy people running in The Disney Marathon? Who
would run in such crazy weather? Well, my wife and I did, and we finished. It
took 28 weeks of training to finish a little bit over five hours. It was just
so cold even for someone acclimated to cold weather. So congratulations go out
to my wife, Jill. She did a great job and you do not know the definition of
pain until you’ve jogged 26.2 miles. Pain is everywhere. There is also this
overwhelming feeling of satisfaction when you reach the end as well.   It
is very emotional. So in my recovery, I was able to watch and reflect on the
football games this weekend. At this point, I make my first impressions about
the big game. And this year, I get the feeling that it will be the Dallas
Cowboys against the San Diego Chargers for the title of the National Football

Wild Card Results

Wild Card weekend playoff
time came and Wild Card weekend went. I was 1-3 and I so enjoyed watching the
games. You cannot get too excited about picking the Wild Card games. If you
pick wisely, yay! If you pick wrongly, oh well. Wild Card was a wonderful
invention to extend the NFL tournament. I remember a time when there wasn’t a
Wild Card weekend. Yikes! But let us revisit Wild Card Weekend, shall we?

Wild Card = Wild Games

The record for the home
teams were 2-2 with

Dallas and

Arizona coming through. The Patriots
and Bengals did not. The Jets proved that they belong in the playoffs by a
tried and true winning formula of running, defense and not having rookie quarterback
Mark Sanchez lose the game. And later that night

followed through with a very impressive win. The Dallas Cowboys won with
defense and offense. This is a positive winning combination at the right time. The
Ravens-Patriots game was rough to watch due to the parochial nature of living

New England,
but the Ravens came out with more intensity. The Green Bay-Arizona game was
ridiculously entertaining! It reminded me of my Nerf football days. Throw it up
and throw it often and points aplenty. The final score was 51-45 and ended on a
defensive touchdown in overtime. I guess the defense on adversely reacted to
the desert air.

Saturday’s Games

First up on Saturday is
the high flying offense of the Arizona Cardinals heading to the Superdome and
the high-flying offense of the New Orleans Saints. Games like this look like so
much fun on paper. Therefore, it comes down to defense and


New Orleans
defense is just a little bit better. Take

New Orleans
as the Cardinals return to their old ways of having a difficult time coming east.

The second game has the Baltimore
Ravens heading toward the Indianapolis Colts.

used to have the Colts until Mayflower movers whisked away their possessions on
March 29, 1984.

replaced their franchise in 1996 by actually getting the Cleveland Browns team
but not the name. The Ravens won the NFL Championship in the 2000 season. The
Colts won the NFL Championship in the 2006 season. So besides the history,
these two teams have a game to get to. I believe that there is a reason why

refused to go 16-0. And the reason is flawed but it is theirs to make. Look for

to smoosh the

offense leaving all the Colts fans wondering why they did not go 16-0.

Sunday’s Games

In the first game on

heads to

Minnesota. Brett
Favre and his adopted team just looked so fantastic all season. With Favre at
the helm there are mighty high highs. But the other side is just as
precipitous. As I said before, I believe that

Dallas could go all the way, so
that means winning in

Look for confusion on the looks of fans as a complete team comes to


The second game matches
up the New York Jets at the San Diego Chargers. If the Jets get by this game on
their defense and their running game, then they could be the team to beat. But
in every way the Chargers have the momentum on their side, and teams with this
momentum are difficult to overcome.  Look for more

San Diego momentum and a win.

Master D.

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