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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 18

It was Wild Card weekend and I went 3-1. Boutique picks were Cincinnati and Seattle. Seattle only came through because RG III was 25%. But the overall games were less than fantastic. Sure the TV ratings were spectacular, but the games just were not as crisp as playoff football happens in your memories. Where are the epic up and down offensive sequences? Maybe this week the final four will deliver. But first comes the week that was.

Wild Card = Wild Snooze

Right off the bat were the Houston Texans hosting the Cincinnati Bengals. When Andre Johnson cannot get touches and Arian Foster is your only offense, it is either a great Cincinnati defense or the continuation of Houston’s Matt Schaub struggling. I take the latter over the former.
  Cincinnati actually had the ball back with 6:15 to play in the game and gave it up on downs at the Houston 36. Cincinnati 13 Houston 19.

The second game on Saturday was the Minnesota Vikings at the Green Bay Packers. Just
 moments before the game, Christian Ponder was announced as ineligible due to an elbow injury. His backup Joe Webb was ineffective. How did Minnesota score 10 points at all? Minnesota 10 Green Bay 24.

The first game on Sunday saw the Indianapolis Colts at the Baltimore Ravens. When you exchange three points for Indy and seven points for Baltimore, you have a one-sided affair. Indianapolis 9 Baltimore 24.

The last game of the weekend was the Washington Redskins hosting the Seattle Seahawks. RG III was 50% healthy. In the end his knee affected his accuracy after the first quarter. In that 1st quarter, Washington rolled over the Seattle defense to establish a quick 14-point lead. But in the end, Washington’s offensive possessions were not effective. They had only 41 yards of offense after the first two touchdowns and the RG III fumble. Yikes! Seattle 24 Washington 14.

Saturday’s Games

First up on Saturday is the Baltimore Ravens at the Denver Broncos. All of this is very straightforward. Peyton Manning is better than Joe Flacco. Demarius Thomas is better than Anquan Boldin. But more importantly, the Denver Bronco defense is that much better than Baltimore’s defense this year. Denver wins and may win big.

The second game has the Green Bay Packers visiting the San Francisco 49ers. The Green Bay Packers have Aaron Rodgers and the 49ers have Colin Kaepernick. Color me reactionary, but when you have a rookie QB, no matter how good they have become, there are consequences. Green Bay gets revenge and wins at San Francisco.

Sunday’s Games

In the first game on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks visit the Atlanta Falcons in the “Bird Bowl.” Atlanta has been so disappointing in the playoffs the last few years. They just cannot seem to get out of their own way. Seattle actually owns the air allowing only 189.4 yards per game. Seattle proves that they can keep the momentum going and Atlanta proves that playoff football is that hard.

The last game of the weekend is the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots. Everyone is looking for New England to score and score often. This is a trap game for New England because everyone is anticipating the game with Denver the following week. I say beware of the ides of Schaub and Johnson, but New England wins a close one.

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