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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 19

Playoff Weekend.

  Oh yeah.

  Just like it was in the good ‘ol time.

  The time before the Wild Card that is.

  I was 3-1 again.

  How many chances did the Colts need to score?

  “Take the field goal…You’ll get the ball back!

  Mr. Volek is at QB!”

  Of course there were some expletives in there I am sure.

  So let us recap the week that was.

Playoff Weekend – The Haves and The Have Nots

The AFC plays NFL football like we played Nerf football in my youth.

  The last team with the football wins as long as the recess bell does not get in the way.

  The NFC has this dramatic sense of anything can happen and it usually does.

Brett Favre did not have to be awesome.

  R. Grant whom the Giants gave up in the beginning of the season ran all over the town after two early fumbles.

  The snow in HD is wild.

  You can’t see the game that well because the people in the stands cannot see the game that well.

  But those snowflakes coming down in front of the camera looked real clear.

Then the Jaguars came up and played their hearts out again.

  They did not blitz Tom Brady once and this lack of pressure gave Tom oodles of time to pass.

  Hey he was only 26-28.

  Every team has played the blueprint game of don’t let Moss beat you and instead of getting blown out, you just lose by 7-11 points.

The next game was the Chargers at the Colts and the Chargers won because of turnovers and a bad play by the Colts defense.

  The Colts should not have gone for it on 4th down and taken the points.

  The reason being the Chargers were without the services of L.T. and P. Rivers.

  Yes fans, do not adjust your dial for that is the Mr. Billy Volek leading your chargers to victory.


The last game was a nail biter and the key to this game was after a 10 minute methodical drive in the 2nd quarter to lead the Cowboys down to the end endzone for a score, Manning took the remaining 47 seconds to do the same.

  Touché Mr. Cowboy…touché.

  One thing I did take note of was seeing the owner on the sideline at the end of the game reminded me of old time football when the owner would come down from the box at the end of the game.


And then there were four!

Sunday’s Games

First up on Sunday is a beaten up Charger team visiting the New England Patriots.

  With L.T. and P. Rivers, the Patriots win by 11.


  This may be a long day for

San Diego fans.

  They may have left everything in


  Look for the Pats to run.

  Look for the Pats to throw.

  Look for the San Diego Chargers to play the blueprint.

  Look for them to go away from it in order to blitz.

  Look for a big play.

The second game features the Giants at the Green Bay Packers from Lambeau field.

  Those Giants have won 9 consecutive road games.


Green Bay looks poised to bring Favre to the big game one more time.

  But I picked the Giants one week ago and I will stick with them.

  I just don’t know how they will do it because the Giants have that defense that is quick.

  I guess it comes down to how the Giants stop the run and rush the passer.

  If they do that, all will be fine.

  Getting Favre to throw into tight spots makes this game go the Giants way.

Master D.

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