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The Diary Of A Fantasy Virgin – Week 19

Well, this year’s gut
prediction has blown up. What is a writer and prognosticator to do? You just
trundle on. The secret to picking games is really no secret at all. You start
with the home team and then go with the opponent’s current trend, including
defensive and offensive statistics and then intermingle with some gut. Et
voila! So here is the week that was.

Playoff Results

The record for the home
teams was 3-1. I had the home teams going 2-2. And the teams I chose to lose at
home just played great. The first game had the Arizona Cardinals heading to the

New Orleans. Drew
Brees did really well and Kurt Warner got a little beat up. It was my only real
prediction of the week that came true. I said the

New Orleans
defense was better and it was. The Saints won in a romp. The Baltimore Ravens
had their team smashed by the Colts defense. The game had two quick touchdowns
by the Colts in the second quarter that put the game away. How awkward is that

offense? They just cannot come from behind. The third game was my worst
prediction of the weekend. I must have drank too much of the Cowboy Kool-Aid
because their defense was a step behind in a 34-3 drubbing by the Vikings.

was just faster on both sides of the ball. That is a huge mea culpa. I did not
see that team having a performance like that at all. The last game is exactly
how I thought the Ravens game would go the day before. I saw a very close game
with defense rattling a talented quarterback. In the end the New York Jets got
some timely missed field goals by Nate Kaeding and those nine points lost …
heck only six were needed ended up being the difference. So we are down the
final four. I am looking for some redemption.


Jets vs. The


In the irony of ironies,
the Colts did not play Manning for a lot of the game in Week 16. That kept the Jets
in the playoff hunt. For conspiracy theorists, this is a boon. You keep your
opponent alive enough so it does all the dirty work and takes out the arch
rival San Diego Chargers. They come into your den and it is go time. In a game
that has all the starters on the field, look for

defense to first shut down the running game and then confuse Mark Sanchez, like
everyone else should have done the previous two weeks.


Vikings vs. The

New Orleans

These two teams did not
play in the regular season so this is the first time they will see each other
this year. They have a lot of similarities in that they can score points. And
they score them often. The Minnesota defense is crazy good. Just ask the
Cowboys. The story of the game will be the offense of the Saints against the
defense of the Vikings. The home team is often the deciding factor and since I
have been woeful in picking home teams losing, I must pick the home team to
win. So if it comes to pass, the two undefeated teams in Week 14 will play
against each other in the final game of the season.

It was that easy all
along. And I came back from a jog and William Shatner (yes … Captain Kirk)
passed me in the hallway. It is a great day. Things are looking up!

Master D.

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