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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 19

Hello from snowy and C-O-L-D New England.  How cold is it?  Well on Friday, January 16, school was cancelled in about ½ of the schools and the other half just opened 1 ½ to 2 hours late.  Now that is C-O-L-D  cold.  I certainly cannot remember getting the day off from school because of the cold.  But alas, it must be related to global warming, right?  It is times like these that global warming seems to be oxymoronic…kinda like jumbo shrimp if you know what I am getting at.  Any who, we’ve got games to talk about from last week and a little prognostication for this week. 

No Way This Week Can Top Last Week

I went 3-1 last week and all of the games were decided by 7 points or less.  Two of the games were settled in overtime.  Three of the games were decided on the last play or in the last 4 minutes.  Whatever happened to the blowout?  Indianapolis was awesome and they just rolled their offense in to town and the whole state of Missouri got shown who is boss.  St. Louis somehow got back into the game and then throttled back for just a field goal to tie the game and send it into overtime.  In the 2nd overtime, they were taken to the hiz-ouse on a 3rd and 14 to end the game.  Jake Delhomme isn’t all that bad.  And in the Green Bay Philly game, Green Bay dominated both sides of the ball until the 2nd half.  And then in the fourth Green Bay obliged and did not go for it on 4th and 1 and to top it off they couldn’t stop Philly on a 4th and 26.  Hey, lets just watch a guy from Philly run down the field and catch the ball 26 yards to get a first down that lets them tie it up on us with no time left?  Yeah that sounds like a good idea.  Too make that happen we have to play a cover-2 and not blitz….sounds good to me!  And the throw made at the end by Favre must be still breaking hearts all over the zip code of Cheese-Head-Ville, Wisconsin.  That team is F-A-M-I-L-Y and a has a very local flavor.  And our Patriot team just was robotic and methodical in the Lambeau-type cold of New-England.  Yes, football fans, look at the weather channel  New England is colder than Lambeau field.  Heck, it’s even colder than International Falls Minnesota.  If you are around my age, you will remember those battery commercials telling us that International Falls Minnesota was the coldest town in the lower 48 and they use brand X for a car battery and they like it!  So all-in-all it was a great week.  What does this week have in store for us?

The Final Four — Of Football

Now that you are in the Atkins mood, get some meat on the grill and be prepared for conference championship weekend.  The winners move on to the mother of all football games and forever their names will be in the history books.  Even the losers get some notoriety so getting through this weekend is half the battle.  How does it look this week?  Lets go to the stat book.  Home field advantage during the championship weekend just is not all that important as the record indicates around .500.  But they never had to play the Patriots.  What were the most important stats of last week in Kansas City?  The fact that Kansas City QB was not sacked and they rushed for 196 yards.  New England’s defense will stop Indianapolis.  Will Indianapolis stop New England?  Look for the Pats to return to the big game on a defensive scheme that makes a man out of Manning.  It won’t be frigid but it will be cold enough.  Now to the NFC where there is Philly and the upstart Carolina Panthers.  Philly is such a clear favorite but Green Bay exposed all of their weaknesses.  Carolina has a two-pronged attack in Muhammad and Davis and although McNabb is awesome, he can’t carry the whole load all the time.  Look for Carolina in an upset setting up a Pats vs. Cats matchup for the mother of all football games.  

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