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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 2

At this point my season looks like the injury status on my players. So what is the difference between Questionable and Doubtful?  I don’t think I can tell but I will question and doubt my way through this week, my friends.  The Virgin is in trouble and his team is apocryphal and enigmatic.  I like those words better than the others offered to us by that injury sheet.

It Comes Down To Monday

On Monday it was Joe Horn vs. my Washington Redskin Defensive Team.  Not a fair fight at all. And when the Giants took away the running game of the Saints, the Saints may have lost the game but Joe Horn caught all kinds of statistics.  This means that statistically I am running in to trouble as well.  So now I have taken the collar and it could have been much worse.  My opponent’s QB was Peyton Manning and he did not do so statistically well.  So it’s back to my issue.  The problem is that I am having injuries.  What is the deal with the questionable or doubtful players?

Questionable VS Doubtful

So you look up the injuries for your team and it is right there as plain as day.  Tight End has an injured (insert body part here) and the player is doubtful.  Then you go to another player and this one is a Running Back with an injured (insert body part here).  This one is questionable.  It appears to me that in the first few weeks like the doubtfuls have a better chance of playing than the questionables.  So I guess since the doubtfuls may have a better chance, choose the doubtfuls over the questionables until further notice.  But I would rather play the apocryphals over the enigmatics any day.  I guess the injury report is to keep the opposing team guessing but it doesn’t add any comfort to fantasy football participant.  Especially the losing when a doubtful or a questionable becomes persona non-grata resulting in 0s all around.  When you lose, you lose.  It is as plain as the yogurt you eat when you are on a diet.  It tastes awful and yet you convince yourself this is the way it is got to be for awhile.  Well get out of that rut and go on a quest.

Vision Quest For Your Team

If you are 0-2, that means winning is around the corner as long as your team is intact.  I desperately need a running back.  So I will troll through the teams and look for the next thing.  Somehow, a Reuben Droughns of 2004 to complete the team or scour the backups and hope for an untimely injury.  That is what it has become.  It is a vision quest.  Can you see into the future and find a running back?  Just keep your eyes on the statistics and take advantage for another moment will come.  Just scoop that player up.  I have a couple extra players in WR and QB; maybe I can vision quest a trade.  A little bit of miraculous intervention would not be so bad either.

 Master D.

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