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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 2

At this point my season looks like the injury status on my players.  So what is the difference between Questionable and Doubtful?  I don’t think I can tell but I will question and doubt my way through this week, my friends.  The Virgin is in trouble in the RB department and my team is apocryphal and enigmatic.  I like those words better than the others offered to us by that injury sheet.

What Was Westbrook Info All About?

If you had Brian Westbrook this week, I understand totally what you were going through.  Since he was changed from questionable to doubtful, it appeared that things were getting worse.  And then the breaking news! It was reported on ESPN at 11:30 that Eagle RB Brian Westbrook was now a gametime decision after tweaking his knee from wearing an orthotic to fix his foot.  Besides falling in the way too much information department, I rush and pick up backup RB Buckhalter.  Phew!  And then I wait for more information.  Then it gets reported at 12:15 that Westbrook was now going to play.  He not only plays but gets 24 fantasy points.  What was that all about?  My head spun three ways to Sunday on Sunday only to get back to where I started.  Yikes!  So now we have three injury reporting type of information to report.  They are questionable vs doubtful vs gametime decision

Questionable VS Doubtful VS Gametime Decision

So you look up the injuries for your team and it is right there as plain as day.  Tight End has an injured (insert body part here) and the player is doubtful.  Then you go to another player and this one is a Running Back with an injured (insert body part here).  This one is questionable.  Then comes the kicker when they report that it’s going to be a gametime decision.  Hello!  Like you cannot change your team at gametime Mr. Fancypants Coach!  Like duh!  It now may appear to me and you that in the first few weeks like the doubtfuls have a better chance of playing than the questionables  but questionables do sometimes play as well.  More importantly noted however is that  either a doubtful or questionable could become a gametime decision which makes all of this quite disturbing.  So I guess since the doubtfuls may have a better chance, choose the doubtfuls over the questionables until further notice.  As for me I would rather play the apocryphals over the enigmatics any day and eliminate the whole idea of the gametime decision.  Nothing can be learned at gametime when compared to 45, 15 or even 5 minutes before gametime.  So eliminating the gametime decision would be just great.  I guess the injury report is to keep the opposing team guessing but it doesn’t add any comfort to the losing part.  When you lose, you lose.  It is as plain as the yogurt you eat when you are on a diet.  It tastes awful and yet you convince yourself this is the way it is going to become.  It’s even worse when you lose because of a crazy Defense.

Crazy Baltimore And It’s Defensive Prowess

The Baltimore Ravens Defensive Team was taken 90th overall in our draft and it was the 4th defense taken behind the Bucs, Hawks, and Pats.  Now in the first two weeks, Baltimore has posted a 31 point week and followed that up with a 34 point week for 65 points.  If you add up the first two weeks for the first 3 teams taken in our draft, you only get 71 overall points.  Three Defensive Teams!!  That means it is tough to overcome such disturbances in the force.  And when your opponent has a Baltimore Defense and they drop a 34 spot on you, that is ouchville U.S.A.  All of this came to the forefront and materialized in a 6 point defeat.  So I go into the third week 1 and 1 and its time to look for some new blood on the free agent wire.  Cross your fingers and hope for the best.  Check out the Roster Trends and drop the underperformers in your lineup.  Be vigilant and enjoy the eye-opening experience that Fantasy Football brings.  Now you get to follow several teams on Sunday and Monday while also following your own favorite team.  I guess that is what keeps me coming back … well those football games in HD aren’t so bad either.

 Master D.

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