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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 2

Last year, Tomlinson got it into the hiz-ouse more than anyone else. In fact, it was 31 times. Now this year, he is coming up short only two weeks in. What is up with that? And I had a choice to make at #4. It was either Gore or Johnson. I chose Johnson and he has not gotten to the hiz-ouse this year either. Now I see that WR

Andre Johnson is not feeling so well and my chances are dwindling for a good week. But since this is a diary, we must speak of the week that was.


That is what it looks like when it is late in the afternoon on Sunday and the score is tight. It is actually 119 – 114. Yes, I have the 114. So I do a quick glance and the Broncos are down by three points against the Raiders and it is the 4th quarter and the Cowboys are still playing. One hour later and T.O. catches another one and


Elam kicks two field goals.

  The result is just enough points to squeak out a victory. I start out the season 2-0 and yet I am weary. The reason is that it could be a long time before I get another as I am in trouble. Let me run (pun intended) this one by you.

The Running Game

The Running Game is really, really important to most Fantasy Football owners. It cannot be stressed enough. My two RBs have not got into the end zone so far this year so it is going to be another stressed out week.

  I picked up

RB Chris Brown and his hot play has gone south. So now I have no running game and an injured WR. I will try to pick up some players and pray for the best. Now since this is a diary, I will put in my first Diary entry for 2007.

Dear Diary

It has been a long time since I have written to you. Well the 2007 season is upon us. Fall weather has arrived. Since it is that time, I guess you would like a Red Sox update. Good news! Unlike last year’s first diary entry, the Sox are actually in the playoff hunt. The bad news you ask? Oh ok so by the way, the Boston Red Sox have let a 14.5 game lead over the Yankees dwindle down to 1.5. Yes, in

New England we have officially hit the panic button. I know most of you must be laughing that I am a Red Sox fan but the fact is this. I am only a Red Sox fan because I met

Carlton Fisk when I was 7 years old. You see, my Uncle was a huge Red Sox fan. He took me to a Red Sox game, I shook Carlton Fisk’s hand and that was it.

Now if I was taken to a Yankee game, and shook the hand of

Thurman Munson, maybe my life would be different. But it did not turn out that way so I am an official Red Sox fan and it works for me and my

New England roots.

I have been a Red Sox fan since that time. This was long before Red Sox Nation and Wally and those seats up on the Green Monster. Long before Remy (the announcer) and Orsillo. Long before HD and even NESN for it was TV-38 back then and not every game was televised but I did follow it on the radio.

I followed the team every year and most years they lost and most years it was easy to get seats. Now they mostly win and seats go for 5x on “reseller” websites. In the 80’s, the park was filled with angry men who drank too many beers and relived the 1978

Bucky Dent home run like it was yesterday. Then 1986 came along and Gedman had a tough time catching

Bob Stanley’s pitch… and then came Buckner. True Red Sox fans realize it was that really tough pitch Gedman did not get over to in the dirt that really set up the Mookie Dribbler between Buckner’s legs. But the story for years was Buckner missing the ball.

Then the Sox won it all in 2004 and joy came to mudville after 86 years of that Ruthian curse. So it is 2007 and there are 10 games to go. The Sox are going in the opposite direction and they are on the road. Oh, remember those angry old men I told you about? The angry old men at Fenway gave their season tickets to their daughters. Fenway has become a theater and a three ring circus. Pink Boston Red Sox shirts and caps dominate the seats and there is a real family atmosphere. Reality dating shows happen during the game and the old ballpark has been spruced up. I love the team but miss the ability to go to any game I would like. It is the price of success. 

I could go on but this is a Fantasy Football site and Tony would kill me.

This time next week, we will be closer to the playoff scenario. I will briefly report on it then.

Don’t forget to play your best team this week and pickup

RB DeShawn Wynn.

 Master D.

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