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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 2

Week 2 comes and Week 2 goes, and in the NFL that means separating the talented teams from the not-so-talented teams.
At this point, the very nascent stages of the season are unfolding.
Will the early trends hold, or will they all blow up by Week 14? In order to find this out the season has to play out and I like looking forward in this article and backward at this article one year later to see what I was thinking.
Did you know that last year I stated that the San Francisco 49ers were legit and they made it to the Super Bowl!
Let us look at the 2-0 teams.

2-0 – Who Is a Contender? 
Who Is a Pretender?

Some teams will start out 2-0 and miss the playoffs.
Some teams will start out 0-2 and make the playoffs.
It is just how that unusual oblong cowhide covered spheroid bounces on that Sunday.
Now, as you know, ever since Miami went perfect in 1972 all through the season and the playoffs to win it all, many football fans wonder if it will happen again.

This year, there are eight teams that are 2-0.
Last year there were six at this time.
In the AFC, Houston and Denver appear to be contenders.
New England, Miami and Kansas City appear to be pretenders.
In the NFC, the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks appear to be contenders.
The Chicago Bears appear to be the pretender.

But never count your chickens until that bird is out of the oven, folks, so this debate will go into early hibernation until that time.
I am constantly amazed that football could be determined at such an early period.
Once the winning continues all will be figured out just in time for Grandma’s apple pie.
As far as this week goes, my editor gets a treat with a Sunday loss.

Sunday Loss

I hope not to have many this year, but I write about my Sunday wins and my Sunday losses when they happen.
It just so happens that I had a Sunday loss.
You see, circumnavigating the week that is to be is treacherous, my friends.
As an example, what if I told you that my “third eye” knew that Anquan Boldin would not be successful this week?
What if I told you that I had to choose between Steve Smith and that

Swiss Cheese defense

of Buffalo or Mike Wallace playing against Indianapolis?
I naturally chose … Steve Smith!
Anquan Boldin goes for one point.
I was correct.
Steve Smith goes for 10.
What really did me no good was that sudden injury to Steven Jackson.
And what happened to the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles offense? I thought tight end Brent Celek would break out against San Diego.

Doesn’t everyone know that San Diego does not travel to the East?
That would be everyone but the San Diego Chargers, my friends.
So I am 1-1 early on and I had a beast of a week with Dez Bryant and Julio Jones.

My diary entry is all about the Boston Red Sox.
I do write about them every year at this time.
This year is a 180-degree turn from last year.

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