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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 20

The final two teams are set.

  The final game has its combatants.

  As I predicted two weeks ago, it will be The New York Giants against The New England Patriots for the whole enchilada in two weeks.

  That makes me 2-0 over the weekend and the tournament playoff record concludes at 8-2.  Just better to be lucky than good I guess.

  This week I will write about what happened over the weekend.

  Next week I will break down the final game of the year.

  So let us recap the day that was.


San Diego Chargers VS The

New England Patriots

Final Score Patriots 21 and Chargers 12.

This game was turned up on its side.

  If, before the game started you said..”Hey will the Patriots win if Brady throws 3 INTs and completes only 1 pass to R. Moss”?

  You would say …”No way”!

  But L. Maroney ran for over a 100 yards and the Patriots had a 3 Tight End set that played smashmouth football with the Chargers in the second half.


San Diego

could not score in the Red Zone. They could not run with L.T. out.

  Rivers performed admirably but could not get the ball in the end zone.

 The play of the game was a 4th and 10 on the Patriot 36 with 9 minutes to go.


San Diego punts it to the Pats and with 9 minutes on the clock the Pats run down the field and kill time three times converting third downs.

Are these the same Patriots that would line up 4 wide receiver sets?

  Yes they are those same Patriots.


San Diego just got run over eventually.

  Brady wasn’t that good and it still did not work out.


A valiant effort by

San Diego went for naught.


New York Giants VS The

Green Bay Packers

Final – OT

New York 23 and

Green Bay 20

Sixty minutes was not enough for this one and the game was slow, fast, close, won by the Giants, lost by the Giants and then won by a field goal.

  All of these emotions must make it really tough to be a New York Giant fan.

  The big story before this game was the weather.

  -1 degree Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius) at the start of the game made for an interesting slowdown and rapid score event.

There were field goals to begin with on great drives by the Giants and then on one play,

Green Bay got it all back to take a 7-6 lead.

  Lots of back and forth after that with the Giants committing a penalty that helps

Green Bay score followed shortly by

Green Bay penalties helping the Giants score.


Then a turnover by the Giants on a turnover by the Packers helped

Green Bay score.

Then the

Green Bay offense went quiet.

The Giants missed two field goals that would have won it in regulation but an interception off Favre in overtime and a 47 yard field goal by Tynes wins it for the Giants.

If you are breathless after reading the highlights of this game, you should have seen it.

  It just kept turning on the Giants as if there was no chance at all of them winning.

  They snatched victory from jaws of victory if such a thing could be said.

  Really great atmosphere.


New York Giants and The

New England Patriots

Then there were two.

  This seems familiar because this is a rematch of the last game of the season.

  It was simulcast on several networks and the Patriots came away with a 38-35 win.

  Now what?

  That was only a few weeks ago and playing on a neutral field means only one thing.

  Shootout at the

Glendale Corral.


But that is next weeks article.

Master D.

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