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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 20

And then there were two. Two teams that will end another football season two weeks from now. My prognostication was the worst it has ever been. I, the unbeliever, could not imagine the Arizona Cardinals but I could imagine the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the tournament, I was a paltry 5-5. Ouch city. That means that I am the inhabitant of


USA, this year. That is how it goes sometimes. You win. You lose. You then realize another chance the Eagles could have had. This week I will write about what happened over the weekend. Next week I will break down the final game of the year. So let us recap the day that was.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. The

Arizona Cardinals

Final Score: Cardinals 32, Eagles 25.

This game was a tale of trade-offs in the first half. The Eagles had the ball three times and the Cardinals had the ball three times. The Eagles had two field goals and a missed field goal. The Cardinals had three touchdowns. That means that the Eagles defense lost the game but it is so tempting to talk about the missed opportunities let go by the Eagles.

The Eagles have been in four of the last five NFC Championships. They are only a few wins away from being the NFC’s version of the Buffalo Bills! I find it terribly strange that the only time the Eagles made it to the big game was with T.O. as their wide receiver. I guess this means the Eagles are just one big playmaker away from winning it all. I hope that they see that and bolster their roster. The team is perpetually so close.

Speaking of playmakers, how about that Larry Fitzgerald? The Arizona Cardinals played “I have Larry Fitzgerald and you don’t …” football and it worked quite well. They made the third-best defense look sluggish in the first half and that was good enough to get the ball last. And when you get the ball last, just like NERF football in my youth, you win.


becomes the first 9-7 team to make it to the Big Game since the Los Angeles Rams in 1979. Congratulations.


Baltimore Ravens vs. The

Pittsburgh Steelers

Final Score: Steelers 23, Ravens 14

In a game of big plays, Big Ben proved to be the big QB for the big time again. Several times, the

Pittsburgh offense converted on crucial third downs and the

Pittsburgh defense came up big with a Troy Polamalu interception for a TD icing the game.

This was appropriate because the game was played in the icy confines of Heinz field. The Steelers had not won a championship game the last two times it was at home so this time they cashed in on home-field advantage.

The game was rough and the hitting was monstrous. The teams played for the third time this year, and just like wanting to beat your best friend, they played with passion. In the end, the Ravens may have just not enough defense left in the tank as Pittsburgh drove for two field goals and a TD to take a 13-0 lead.

Baltimore came back and cut the score to 13-7 at halftime.

And when

Baltimore cut it to a 16-14 deficit with nine or so minutes to go, I thought they had a chance. But a magnificent play by Polamalu all but ended the game with a little over four minutes to go. The game was oh so close but

Baltimore lacked the offensive playmaker to get them over the top.

I guess those Larry Fitzgerald’s are really hard to come by or everyone would have one.


Pittsburgh Steelers and The

Arizona Cardinals

With only two, the dance seems rather familiar. A crazy offense in

Arizona with a huge playmaker in Fitzgerald goes at it against the No. 1 defense in


 Something has to give and it usually will. The No. 3 defense was no match for the

Arizona scheme. What will the No. 1 defense do? How will it all work out in “The Tempest at

Tampa”? That is next week’s article.

Master D.

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