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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 20

All that remains for the football season are two teams.   One last game to end it all in Indianapolis.   After starting out my prognostication with a record of 2-2, I came back with a 3-1 week followed by a 2-0 week.   My prognostication was only half right as I believed that the Patriots would make it to the final game.   Next week I will break down the final game of the year.   So let us recap the day that was on Sunday.

The Baltimore Ravens vs The New England Patriots

Final Score Patriots 23 and Ravens 20.

This was a game of give away by the New England Patriots.   They gave up the ball.   They gave up points.   They gave up the lead.   They gave up a possession at the end of the game.   They almost gave up a game winning touchdown.   But the last mistake is the one that is usually remembered.   And when Billy Cundiff missed a game tying field goal with 11 seconds to go, the Patriots found their way into the championship game.

The New York Giants vs The San Francisco 49ers

Final Score Giants 20 and 49ers 17 in OT

Just like the first game of the day this was a game of give away.   The only difference was that the 49ers gave away the ball twice on special teams after not doing so the entire regular season.   That was enough to put the Giants on top as the last turnover happened on a punt in overtime.

The New York Giants vs The New England Patriots

Two SuperBowl MVPs going up against each other.   A well balanced NY Giants team going up against an Patriot team that is all offense but not so good defensively.   Right off the bat, the Giants are the talk of the town.   But who will win in Indy? That is next week’s article.   This week’s diary entry is sad.

Dear Diary

It is with a heavy heart that I put in writing the passing of my father Wilbert this last weekend.   He was such a good and kind man.   He is going to be missed so much by my mom Betty, my sister Suzanne, myself and everyone who knew him.   Condolences came in quickly now that we have a family facebook page.   Technology can deliver bad news and the reaction as fast as it can deliver wonderful news.

Goodbye dad.   I will miss you.

Master D.

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