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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 20

All that remains for the football season are two teams. Shut the front door! There is only one more game left for the year. I am as agnostic as it comes and I am always amazed how the final four works out. Everyone thinks that it is your region that determines your selection for the final games. It is not that at all. Logic is denial and that is why they play the games. And why I was 1-1.

San Francisco 49ers 28, Atlanta Falcons 24

This game was a tribute to the Atlanta Falcons for the first quarter. Like several games Atlanta has performed at home this year, they ran out to a quick 17-0 lead. But that quirky 26-yard offense of San Francisco came alive, and the next thing you know the 49ers are taking the lead at the very end of the game and they were up only at the score of 28-24. The home team advantage was not an advantage and it was a strange overall game with loud noises followed by San Francisco winning. A win for a Harbaugh…that is what I say.

Baltimore Ravens 28, New England Patriots 13

So, the Patriots come out, and you think this is a normal New England affair. But this affair is so myopic. The Ravens wake up, and, even though New England had a lead at halftime of 13-7, you are thinking that “something strange is afoot at the Circle K”…to quote Bill and Ted. That is the way it went down, my nearsightedness is appropriate and I fall on the sword. Joe Flacco was greater and Tom Brady was not…remember this for all time.

However, as I have noted in previous articles, the New England Patriots are unfortunately on the back nine. I love them, but it has come to pass that all opportunities are valued and given away at the same time. When you think of Tom Brady…you try to fall back to all great quarterbacks of the past. Shouldn’t they ride out on that horse into the sunset? I would say no…it ends when you least likely think so. And, as I said earlier this year, it is different and so it is.

Another win for Harbaugh…how quirky is this?

Super Bowl – Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Ravens bring out the alternate defense that keeps Tom Brady from scoring one point in the second half. Are you kidding me? The 49ers have this automatic 26-yard offense which is profound because it is above 25 yards. And so it has come to pass that the Ravens have emotion above all. It is not what you think. It is emotion against logic, and that is what happens at crossroads. But who will win in New Orleans? That is next week’s article.

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