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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 20

Hey,I’ve got an idea?  Let us have two weeks to talk about the Mother of all Football games.  Two weeks to talk about the last football game of the year….Brilliant! Filler and shenanigans will be the folly of this week.  If you are looking for a point, you may have to wait until next week.  First on deck is a crazy concept.  I prognosticated the Pats vs. the Cats and it became a truth.  Arrgh!  And I guess I should have a moment of reflection about the year that was.

So I Went 2-0 On Final Four Weekend

My record during the playoffs was a respectable 8-2.  But all that means is that I got lucky.  Chances are you are going to be at least .500 by just picking the favorites so it is not a big deal.  The Pats did make a man out of Manning and Carolina was the straw that broke the McNabb rib…err I mean back.  So it is fitting that in a league filled with a small handful of defensive gems, the two defensive coaches get to the end of the season on top of Mount Onelastwin.  Both teams want that one last win and the team that finishes second will hurt.  And if you are good enough to get their four times…see Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings fans for this one…and lose four times, you shall forever live in infamy.  At least the Broncos won two in a row with a statesman at QB and he will forever be known as a winner.  What was he before that?  You will have to talk to a certain ex – Miami QB about this idea.  I am not touching it with a ten-foot pole.  Onelastwin is all they want, so why are there so many blowouts?  It is a downer and there are very few moments when the game is competitive so all I care about is a competitive affair.  Not that Bears vs. Patriots debacle.  Geeeshh, I think the Patriots actually had a 3-0 lead in that game.  Final Score? 46-10 and Buddy Ryan (the defensive coordinator for Da’ Bearsss) was carried off the field.  Just be competitive.  Most years, the game is over by halftime.

Reflections On This Past Year

With only one more article to write, I get all misty-eyed talking about the year that was.  And of course, I have many thoughts about the year that was.  My very top thoughts go out to you the reader of this article.  I am amazed that people tune in to my writing style and my editor can tell you, I have been talking like this for years.  Its only now that it has a forum and your continued support humbles me and keeps me writing.  My next top thoughts go out to Tony Holm.  As the purveyor of this fantasy football site, I am amazed at his predilection to deliver this content to you the fan.  The hours spent behind the scenes to get this done cannot be underestimated. It is a burden that he bears with aplomb and I applaud him for it.  On top of being in charge of this site, he writes an article called The Prognosticator.  I read his excellent column and I don’t know where he gets the time.  He is not only my boss who gave me a tryout through the editor to enable me to write a weekly article and become the Fantasy Virgin, but I also consider him a friend.  My next thoughts this year go to Bill Leonard for it was mostly him and I that wrote the Swim With The Sharks contest.  I can only bow to his tutelage because all I did was take a piece of his code that he wrote for the playoffs and extended it to a full season.  Sure I re-engineered the Data Model and extended his code out from 4 weeks to 17, but that is not the whole of it.  He took the scraps that I wrote and pulled it all together.  That contest was awesomely fun and I played but a small bit part in it and I am grateful.  That Bill is so smart, he is worthy of the entire accolade one deserves for writing the great apps we use and he is also a really nice gentleman as well.  I am sure we will write more apps in the off-season and it will be Bill to thank, trust you me.  The next thought goes out to Rob Schare.  He is not only your editor in chief on this site, but he had to put up with me for three years as his college roommate.  Since Rob is no spring chicken that means we’ve known each other for a long time and I really value his friendship.  I told you I was going to get all misty-eyed.  The last thoughts I have go out to all of the writers on this site.  I am but a small cog in this wheel and all of us fit together.  I only write about 23 articles and there are others just banging out fantasy football content like its going out of style.  Somehow it all works and I am glad to be a part of it.  I guess that was an ok way to fill the off-week before # XXXVIII enters your living room.  Better than hearing how Bill Belichick is going to make Jake Delhomme throw 40 times.  Oh yeah, that is next weeks article.

Master D.


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