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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 21

The final game of the
year is here. It is the Colts of Indianapolis against the Saints of New
Orleans. The Super Bowl has evolved and in this era it is all about the glam.
The pomp. The circumstance. It actually is a very entertaining version of my college
graduation. What else can you do but watch? As usual, I will write this year
the case for each team and then end it with my prediction.

The case for the


The New Orleans Saints
begin and end their team hanging on the arm of Drew Brees. As that crazy cat
goes, so goes the Saints. The key to the Saints is the diversity of offense. The
Saints averaged over 400 yards per game in offense in 2009, and that led the
league. They did not have a 1,000-yard rusher and they barely had a 1,000-yard
receiver (Marques Colston, 1,074). This diversity will serve them well as a
well-balanced offense keeps defenses trying to cover everything at once which
is an impossibility.

The Saints defense is
right out of the bend-but-don’t-break model that has worked in the past. The
defense was ranked 25th overall in the league in 2009, but it seems
to make the right play at the right time when it matters the most.

The Saints have an
emotional backstory. Through the prism of the ninth ward post Katrina, the
story unfolds and tugs at emotional heartstrings. The dearth of the ninth ward
acts as a 180 degree reflection of a joyous up swell of emotions as the team
becomes a rallying point for a city affected by a combination of providence and

Most importantly, the
Saints have forever cast aside their history of the ‘Aints. In 1980, the Saints
started out 0-14 and finished 1-15. I remember those days and the idea of the
New Orleans Saints going to the Super Bowl was preposterous.

The case for the


The Indianapolis Colts
have Peyton Manning and you don’t. It isn’t that Manning is one of the best quarterbacks
of all time (he is). It isn’t that he is the hardest working quarterback off
the field (I heard this is true). It is the fact that in game, he makes the
right decision at the right time in a quicker manner than most. The game
actually slows down while for others it speeds up.

The Colts have a better
overall defense than

New Orleans
coming in at No. 18. But the team is hindered by Dwight Freeney’s ankle, and
this will help out the Saints’ offensive line. Without having to double team
Freeney, you have a situation where one extra guy can be made available on the
Saints to do whatever.

The Colts have a legacy
to craft as well. They won Super Bowl XLI and it is close enough to this Super
Bowl to make a dynasty.

The biggest point is that
the Colts made the New York Jets defense, which was ranked No. 1 in the league
against the pass, quite mediocre.

The Verdict?

The passing of Manning vs.
the bend-but-don’t-break New Orleans Saints defense.

The passing of Brees vs.
the quick defense of


I go with the robotic
self-learning nature of the Manning-led offense. What starts as a snowball
evolves into an avalanche. And all will be rent asunder.

See you in August!

Have a safe spring and summer.

Master D.

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