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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 21

It is the end of the NFL year. The Giants of New York will be at The Patriots of New England. The game will be held at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis. The NFL is the most watched sport in America and during these days of 50 percent this way and 50 percent that way in this country, it is a breath of fresh air to have an event like the Super Bowl. A very large portion of America (last year it was 162.9 million total viewers) watched the game. But that number assumes you are watching the game alone. Someday there will be an accurate number determined by some entity (facebook?) and that number will be much larger.   As usual, I will write this year the case for each team and then end it with my prediction. Team has never been a more appropriate word this year.  

The Case For The New York Giants

The New York Giants have been playing “one and done” football for the five games leading up to the Super Bowl. They have declared themselves healthy in their actions and they come into the Super Bowl as the 2nd hottest team behind their opponent.

The QB of the Giants is Eli Manning who has performed really well in the 4th quarter giving his persona a kind of “Comeback Kid” effect. Eli orchestrated one of those last minute performances on Sunday, November 6, 2011 when the Giants beat the Patriots 24 -20. So the QB effect is full on for the Giants.

The defense of the NY Giants is a Tale of Two Cities. The four upfront players get all of the press lately. They have proven during the playoffs that only four men are needed to get pressure on the opposing QB. The result is a seven player defense in the secondary to counteract any passing strategy. In this pass happy league this strategy appears to work in the playoffs. During the regular season however, the passing defense for the Giants was 27th in the league. Hence the initial comment about the two cities.

The New York Giants back-story appears to be confidence. Victory appears to be a fait accompli and the game is nothing more than a nuisance.

The Case For The New England Patriots

When you think of The New England Patriots, you think of a model franchise with consistent winning seasons. 2011 was not any different with the team posting an impressive 13-3 record. They come into this game with 10 consecutive wins.

The QB of the Patriots is Tom Brady. His record in the final game is 3-1 with 2 Super Bowl MVPs. In the 10 seasons that Tom has played in the NFL (he did not play in 2008 due to a knee injury), this is his 5th trip to the Super Bowl.   Tom has the records during the regular season as well like 50 regular season touchdown passes in 2007. The Patriots play the game like “We have Tom Brady and you do not”.

The New England Patriots created a new kind of offense this year with a very athletic TE pair. This pair is Aaron Hernandez (6-1 245 lbs) and Rob Gronkowski (6-6 265 lbs). These two combined for 169 catches and 25 TDs in 2011. This type of mismatch in the secondary will require future defenses to change their personnel. Current linebacker matchups just cannot keep up with this duo.   If you take one away, the other will get you.

The Patriots back-story is twofold. It is about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.   Both are trying to win their fourth Super Bowl.

The Verdict?

The matchup is the number 27 defense in The New York Giants against the 2nd offense in The New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

On the other side the number 8 offense of the New York Giants and Eli Manning against the 31st defense of the New England Patriots.

No one is talking about risk.   When teams are evenly matched, big risks garner big rewards and even larger failures.   Look for large risks by the Patriots.

I go with the New England Patriots!

See you in August!

Have a safe Spring and Summer.

Master D.

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