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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 3

As the season unfolds, you figure out some good and you figure out some bad. Sometimes your bench is better than your starters. How could this be? All things being equal, I have learned that everyone knows less and less as the season goes on. But they sure can talk about it for an hour or so. Just ask what the whole referee situation is doing to the NFL pre-game shows in all formats. I am not going to bore you with something that cannot be changed. I am going to start right off with a Sunday win.

Sunday Win

I love Sunday wins. No stress comes around begging for a Monday evening performance in combination with my weekly article gets in ahead of time. What could be better? I have seen many Monday performances go well and not so well, my friends, and who needs the stress, right? Well rightly or wrongly, I got by this week because my opponent had a great bench. But who would think that Philip Rivers, Chris Johnson and Darren Sproles would go so wrongly all at once? Sometimes you win because of luck, and I will take it. I am now 2-1 and looking to strengthen my bench. Speaking of doing just that, it may be time to pick up Andy Dalton.

Andy Dalton Is On Fire

In the later rounds of the draft, I like to take a backup quarterback and backup wide receivers just in case of injuries. I got Drew Brees right out of the gate, and although he is doing well, my backup for Brees was Dalton. He is only on 72 percent of all the teams as of Monday evening. This will probably go to 95 percent overnight with his performance over the weekend. So pick up Dalton if your league has him available. He is only getting better. This week’s diary entry is about summer endings.

Dear Diary

The summer is ending officially and unofficially. The cold weather has come to New England just in time for me to enjoy some longer runs. All things being equal, running long in the autumn chill on a frosty New England morning may be some of the best runs anywhere in the world. The leaves are resplendent and the sky has a particular azure blue hue.

All of this is transitioning to winter, and until winter I will enjoy what I believe to be the best time of the year and the proper place to be. Go pick some apples. Go pick some pumpkins. It is great to be alive in New England and my lawn is loving life. When will I stop mowing already?

There appears to be no letup in any of that.

Master D.

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