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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 3

Take a deep look at your team. You are starting to get a feeling. For some, the early trend makes you feel comfort. Just like all of the smug smiles pasted on the faces of the owners who are 3-0 so far. There also is a cavernous gaping chasm and on the other side are those owners who are 0-3. I am not one of those lucky enough to be 3-0 or unfortunate to be 0-3, but I will stay with my team through thick and thin. Never sit tight no matter what your record is and always try to improve. This week, I wanted to emphasize that there is a reason for your stress!

Scoring Is Down?

I am a numbers kind of guy. So you may ask what kind of things a guy like me will do on a sleepy cool crisp autumn evening? Why enter every score from the first two weeks of the NFL season in 2012. And then piggy back that by entering every score from the first two weeks of the 2013 season. Why not? The result is that scoring is down. The number is 126 points fewer from last year. When you consider 2013 includes 90 points from the Denver Broncos (49 in Week 1 and 41 in Week 2), statistical insignificance has become significant.

This is, of course, meaningless if you happen to have
Peyton Manning

and his targets on your team. Why did I not pick up any of those targets again during the draft, you may be asking? The story is that if you have the right players, everything is just fine. This proves that it is always the best players on the best teams that comprise a winning fantasy football team. Never forget that one rule. Speaking of rules, my week all hinges on a Monday Night showdown

Monday Night Determines The Win Or The Loss

My outcome is in the fate of running back
Knowshon Moreno

. To make things interesting, it will be wide receiver
Wes Welker

for my opponent. In a points per reception league this may be a one-sided outcome. But if
Peyton Manning

does not throw touchdowns to
Wes Welker

and Moreno finds his way into the end zone a few times, I have a decent chance.

In the end it did not work out and Wes Welker went for 21 points. Moreno went for 6 points and I now have a record of 1-2. This may be a long year.

This week’s diary entry is about saying goodbye to summer.

Dear Diary

The Autumnal Equinox arrived on Sept. 22nd. Not that I really noticed because my lovely wife Jill and I had training runs of 12 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday. This is the third of a five-phase training program that will culminate in another crazy marathon weekend. I will talk more about it as it gets closer.

Until then, enjoy those hearty mums and look for mammoth pumpkins at the local state fairs. Why do oversized gourds warm my soul as the evening chill descends upon New England?

Master D.

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