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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 3

Vengeance is a dish best served cold!  Well, the saying goes something like that anyway.  After doing this Fantasy Football stuff for several years with the same people, some trends develop.  And in my league, the real rivalry week is week three where I play against my college roommate.  Oh what a difference a year makes.  So let’s get right to it.

The Lack of Communication

Usually, I receive an e-mail every year or every time my old college roommate plays me in Fantasy Football.  But, just like the banners hailing the Boston Red Sox as a 2006 playoff team, none is to be had this week.  What is this?  You see, the older you get, the more you wonder about the lack of communication.  Now I know he’s busy but pull-lease.   He should be needling me about his great Fantasy Football team.  He could be caught under something heavy and cannot reach the keyboard.  But quickly, you dismiss that and realize that his team may not be so good and it’s time for him to be taken out to the woodshed along with a mistake or two!  And what was the result, my friends? The result this year was a 147 – 98 bombshell of a game.  And lo and behold, the communication comes to pass on Monday, instead of Friday.

You Forgot What?

When you get an e-mail on Monday from your college roommate on Monday, you think to yourself, “here it comes”.  But it ends up being an admission of culpability.  You look and sure enough, he forgets to start a Kicker and Defensive Team.  Normally, there is a feeling that this is not a legitimate victory.  But after further review, it is apparent that the Kicker and DST would have done bump-kus this week so the victory is not as large but not as hollow as well.  It goes to show you we are all getting older and I really cannot revel in this as much as I wish.  For I may be in the same boat down the line so I just give myself a small high five and head to the fourth week with a record of 2-1 and some solace in the team that I chose had a crazy week.

Crazy Scoring Week At Hand

Choosing all of those RBs in the draft have started to finally pay off.  It is a luxury to have to choose between Westbrook, Portis, and Lewis every week.  And Portis looks like he is good to go and Westbrook is running crazy.  Those two anchor any Fantasy Football team nicely.  Another unexpected bonus was Kicker Kasay.  Since Carolina has an awful red zone offense, Kasay went wild in our league and earned 24 points!  WoooHooo!  It’s the kind of week that when you add WR Andre Johnson and Musin Muhammad, it becomes ridiculous.  But don’t rest on your laurels if you had a good week.  Please consider some of these acquisitions to help your team out.

Interesting Players to Pick Up (I.P.T.P.U.)

I just like the sound of I.P.T.P.U so I am adding this to the article every so often when the week becomes filled with more than a few available fantasy football gems or diamonds in the rough.  So here it goes.  With Mr. Alexander on the bench, RB Maurice Morris gets the nod as probably the biggest pickup of the week.  Just behind that pickup would be QB Matt Leinart even if it’s only for a future start, it’s worth riding the bench.  Next would be TE Eric Johnson and last but not least, how about The Saints DST when they are home at the Superdome? Emotion may just rule the day in that pick and getting points here and there is what this is all about.  Stay tight and rotate out some of your underperforming backups with these players and your team may be on the road to recovery.

Master D.

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